Exponential Growth

I apologize, in advance, for the dry academic nature of the next essay.
However, I believe the subject is worth pursuing, and I am confident that my readers will cope with the mathematical reasoning and analysis involved in the following treatise.

Anyone who has played our sport for awhile is sure to have noticed something – pickleball is growing in popularity at a huge rate. As a matter of fact, I have calculated that if the growth continues at its current rate, that by the year 2273, everyone on Earth will play pickleball!
At that point, I predict that the aliens that have been visiting our planet for 1000’s of years, will abandon their interest in orifice probing, and take up the sport. They will probably take pickleball back to their home planets. Then, it will become popular throughout the galaxy, and more than likely, it will be decided to have a universal tournament at the home of pickleball’s birth on Earth!
If, by some genetic quirk, one of you happens to be alive at that point, I have a tip.
Aliens may look different, but they are a lot like us.
Therefore, this is my advice:
Dink softly to their backhands, backtentacles, backclaws, or whatever appendage they use to hold their paddles. That should work.
Good luck in future competitions, and may the ‘pickle force’ be with you!

Are you thinking what I’ve been thinking?
We are having a glorious spring!
As well as McMinn Park, groups of picklers are playing at Esquimalt, Kings Road, Carnarvon Park, Tolmie Park, and other venues around the city.
I’m thinking- it’s too nice out to be playing indoors!

I watched, on ‘you tube’, the video of ’Simon’, the pickleball machine.
He (It?) looks pitch perfect. That is, a useful device for practice drills.
Maybe though, I will save up my money until they make, ‘I Pickler’.
You know, an autonomous android playing partner!
The scary thought is, the way technology is going, they probably will invent something like that in the near future.
‘Pickler Terminator’ anyone?

This week – “By the time I get to the vicinity of Phoenix… I’ll be pickling.”

Venture Out RV Resort

  •  Located in Mesa, Ariz. ( 19 miles SE of Phoenix )
  • Accommodation in park models, $900 – 2200/ month rental, or purchase a unit for approx. $85,000 US dollars.
  • 1700+ units, +55 age group, 31% Canadian residents.
  • 2 pools, new gym, many other things to do.
  • There is a hiking club in the resort- nice trails in the area.
  • 6 enclosed pickleball courts, 2 more being built.
  • $20/ season to play. 500+ members.
  • You can play every day. All levels play together.

Happy Trails Resort

  • Located in Surprise, Ariz. (29 miles NW of Phoenix)
  • Park models rent from $900-1800/ month. You can also bring down your own RV or trailer. +55 age group.
  •  2200 units and RV sites. Lots of Canadians go here.
  • 3 pools, nice gym, many other activities.
  • The surrounding area is known more for cycling than for hiking.
  • Pickleball is $25/ season for a couple. +500 members.
  • 10 designated pickleball courts, and 4 lined tennis courts.
  • Round robin play is from 7am-11am, all ranks play together.
  • Once a week they have free lessons and drills.

Both of these resorts sound like great places to improve your game!

An added bonus about the resort in Surprise- it’s only a 113 mile drive to
Sedona. You know- red rock canyons, magnetic vortexes, and nightly visits from aliens!! What more do I need to say?

When I was six years old I was called ‘Ding- Ding.
A few years later, it was shortened to ‘Dinger’.
In high school, I was ‘Dee-Jay’.
Later in life, when I worked at a local tree service, I was called ‘Bulldog’.
Then, when I started my own business, I went back to how I started in life. I went back to being Doug.
Nothing fancy, just Doug.
And that’s how I stayed. That is until I called one of my pickleball friends. The phone rang, my friend answered, and this is how the conversation went:

Pickleball friend- “Hello”.
Me – “Hi, it’s just Doug calling.”
Pickleball friend- (after a pause) “No, it’s not ‘just’ Doug”!!

I laughed, and my friend laughed. I don’t remember the rest of our conversation, because I had a Zen moment.
And, after I hung up the phone I had an epiphany! I realized that I didn’t have to be ‘just’ Doug. I could be more.
I could be………. (wait for it)……………….’un-just’ Doug!!
‘What has this have to do with pickleball’, you may ask?
Well, I realized that when I play, I don’t have to be ‘just’ Doug. I could be Timothy Nelson!
I love watching him play on ‘you-tube’. Although he doesn’t win all his matches, he is one of the top players in the USA. He is an exciting player to watch, like the Pavel Bure of pickleball. He is better known by his alias- ‘Puppet Master’!
So, I decided.
I wouldn’t be ‘just’ Doug when I played. I would be the ‘Puppet Master’!

Well……..at least in my imagination.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. To everyone who sent in their supportive comments and encouragement!
A novice writer, like myself, thrives on feedback to all my crazy ideas.

Thanks to Erwin, Marilyn, and Cathy for the information about pickleball Meccas.

In last week’s episode, I talked about how I came to choose the name
‘CHALLENGE COURT’, for this email blog.

Jason wrote this comment:
The ‘CHALLENGE COURT ‘, oh man you missed your chance, you could have called it- ‘Douglas, and his pickled balls.’

Thanks Jason, for giving me something to think about….. cringe.



  • We will be singing along to the ‘Pickleball Rap’.
  • I will talk about playing to your potential.
  • There will be more information on Meccas, one more winter getaway resort, and a great summer or fall pickle place.
  • I am quite ‘stoked’ to introduce a new segment next week called-
    ‘IN THEIR OWN WORDS’. I will feature interviews with local players. You’ll want to hear the truth from advanced player, and pickleball coach Dave McNeil.

‘Pickle well’,


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