Why Half a Brain Is Adequate for Most Tasks

MANUFACTURED IN THE 1950’s I’m trying to understand – what makes us stronger, versus, what is wearing us out. If I have practised a sport too long, or too enthusiastically, to the point where I am injured, then it is easy to see the obvious – I am broken. I must get fixed up. Suppose I stop at the point just before I get injured. I go home. I put my feet up. The next day my battery is not … Continue reading

Great Netspectations

COMING CLEAN When I get to talking to people about the blog, some of them ask me about my motivation. ”Why”, they say, ‘do you go to the trouble in putting out the CHALLENGE COURT”? They seem suspicious. I had a difficult time explaining my reasons. I wasn’t sure what to say. I decided to get some advice, so I called my friend Kevin (a former Saturday Night Live alumni) to get his advice. He stated emphatically, ‘With all the … Continue reading

Pickleball Pilgrims

Here we are pickleballers, back to a regular edition of your favourite blog. I apologize to Deep Dinker. His picture was missing from last week’s title page. Sorry old pal. Speaking of DD, he gave me some insight into why he doesn’t like his former sculptor friend. Deep told me that his name is really McDeep! Yes, Deep is Scottish, and he hasn’t been able to do a proper ‘Highland Pondering’ without wearing his departed fathers’ Black Watch Kilt. He … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

SPECIAL EDITION Mothers belong to an exclusive club. It is one I can never join. Moms, to me, are fascinating beings that add a round perfection to the human experience. We open this week, hearing from your friends and fellow players. They have all been through that commonplace but magical experience. So, let’s hear from them. Let’s hear what they have to say. MOMS THE WORD Question:  What’s the best thing about being a Mom? Alana Pearce – There are … Continue reading

Pickleball, Poetry and Player Profiles

POINTLESS PICKLEBALL POEM     by Pam & Doug He stood on the court, A proud and cheerful man. This was his favourite time of day, He had a paddle in his hand. His wife was with him too. Her volley shot, her claim to fame. They faced two foes across the net, to play a challenging game. They used their skill and tried their best. When all was said and done, the foes they faced with confidence, had scored … Continue reading