Mother’s Day

Mothers belong to an exclusive club. It is one I can never join. Moms, to me, are fascinating beings that add a round perfection to the human experience.

We open this week, hearing from your friends and fellow players. They have all been through that commonplace but magical experience. So, let’s hear from them. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Question:  What’s the best thing about being a Mom?

Alana Pearce – There are so many things. If I have to pick one, its’ the special love I have for our children. I wouldn’t trade any minute, wait! maybe when………, no! not any minute of my life as a mother.

Anne Scheffer – Everything, Something, Anything, Nothing.

Carmen Seki –   The Guilt, makes you feel alive!

Beverly De Haitre – The best part about being a Mom for me is being able to see things through my children’s eyes and to act age inappropriate.

Jan Bergen – The best thing is the exchange of unconditional love and never ending support and the reward of watching my two daughters mature into wonderful, respectful, caring and honest adults. The addendum: if I wasn’t a Mom, I wouldn’t be a Granny!

Question:  What do you think about when Mother’s Day rolls around?

Pamela Edwards – I remember often and honour my mother who I was very fortunate to have enjoyed a wonderful, and close relationship with for 60 years. I too think of and love our four adult children and four grandchildren who continually amaze and inspire me in my own life.  My message to the young mother’s of today would be ‘ enjoy those special moments with your children’ and as well, ‘ make some time for yourself ‘.

Beverly De Haitre – I reminisce about my children when they were babies and still marvel at the fact that I am someone’s Mom.

Sue Harrison – Being a mother needs agility and patience, thinking on your feet (just like pickleball). It’s my experience that babies, children and grandchildren seem always to be one step ahead, forever challenging your knowledge and capabilities and love. My only hope is that when we are so very tired, and incapable of being there for them, they would be there for us. That would be a winning combination.

Jan Bergen – I think of the commercialization based on this day, which I have never liked. I prefer the spontaneity throughout the year, of showing your love etc., rather than on just one of the 365 days in the year. I boycott Mother’s Day brunch!

I was self-sufficient as a young boy. Mom would come into the kitchen first thing in the morning, and I would already be eating breakfast. Sometimes she would look at me, and with an amused tone of voice, and say, ‘Good morning Doug, how’s the ‘best’ boy in Nanaimo?’

Being a shy fellow, I would give her a small smile and go on with gobbling my cereal. Then I’d hurry to watch the ‘Frisky Frolics’ on our black and white TV before I had to go to school. I didn’t take notice of the extravagant compliment that she had given me. It didn’t affect me. Except…..perhaps something seeped into my brain and grew there.

Now I’m 65 years old, and the seed of an idea that was planted almost 60 years ago has grown. The result is a story, a misty dream of mine. It comes from the subconscious mind of a boy who believes that he can do something that is the ‘best’.

What is that best something? Who knows, but whatever I achieve in life will be because of someone who cares for me, and someone who understood me enough to know……this funny fellow needs to find his own way. I will give him freedom to wander.

For that I am grateful to my Mother, who for me is the ‘best’ Mom in Nanaimo!

My Mom celebrated her 91st birthday this March, in her home in Nanaimo.

This is a short interview with Jean McTaggart, who with daughter Karin, won a bronze medal in last weeks’ Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament:

Doug – Jean, have you played with Karin in other tournaments?
Jean – The Nanaimo tournament was the first for both of us.

Doug – Are you two playing at the Pearkes tournament in June?
Jean – Yes, we are entered, and are training hard.

Doug – I would like to talk about how important it is to work as a team in doubles. Was it easy to get in a groove with Karin?
Jean – I think Karin and I connect very well on the court. We seem to be on the same wave length when it comes to pickleball, which is a huge bonus!

Doug – Last question Jean, what was the best part of having your daughter as a doubles partner?
Jean – The best part of having Karin as my doubles partner is that she is my daughter! I don’t think it can get any more special than that. We are great friends.

Doug – Thanks Jean.

I enjoyed doing this weeks’ blog. Not in a funny way, more in a thoughtful way. I think I understand more of what Mother’s Day is about. I got a glimpse into their world. I know there is more to see, and part of a Mom’s life that is best kept a mystery. That is fine with me.

I see what my role is. I am part of the bigger picture. I will celebrate today, in a symbolic way, my connection to all life and to all the Mothers I know. Including the biggest Mother of them all…..Mother Nature.

I don’t have to buy ‘Her’ flowers,….cool!!

I received lots of nice feedback to Challenge Court, but some people told me it was toooooo long. So, this week I am keeping it concise.

I love getting your emails, so let me know what you think of the shorter blog.

I will put in the missing parts from this week – Rite Way Tips, and a interview with Dave Metcalfe.

For next week consider this DD PROFUNDITY:

‘Life could be considered a bowl of bings… long as you don’t eat them in one sitting’.

‘Pickle well’,


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