Riding in the Pickle Boat

RIDING IN THE PICKLE BOAT What makes our sport great is all the interesting people you meet. I love spending time, on and off the court, with ‘pickle pals’. It is a stimulating experience to play our game and make new friends. For me personally, I find it also stirs something in the literary realm of my mind, that causes me to make other attachments. To rephrase…it gives me the incentive to make some ‘imaginary’ friendships. For new readers, I … Continue reading

Father’s Day

SPECIAL EDITION: DAD’S DAY This week is only one of two editions not ‘all about’ pickleball. It’s all about Dads,… who are our fathers to us? Do they deserve the same attention that Moms do on their ‘day’… I don’t know? Perhaps they do. Some family friends have said I’m quite a bit like my own Father. I don’t see it myself, although Dad was an avid golfer, so I could have inherited a similar tendency…., he was obsessive about … Continue reading

Divorce and Pickleball

DIVORCE AND PICKLEBALL I am reluctant to bring up sensitive subjects. I have no expertise in relationship counseling. However, I received an email from an international subscriber who needs help. I have decided to give my opinion in the hope that I can be of service to the troubled parties involved. I have changed the people’s names to protect their privacy. Dear Doug, I read your articles and I think you are a person who may be able to help … Continue reading

Pickleball Rap

PRACTISING YOUR HIP HOP MOVES Has this happened to you? You meet someone, you get to talking, you work ‘pickleball’ into the conversation. Your acquaintance gives you a blank stare. ” What’s that ”, they ask? You go into the explanation– ” It’s like table tennis, but on a bigger court”….” It’s like tennis, but on a smaller court”…….or, if you’re a weirdo like me… ” Pickleball…oh, it’s cut up gherkins, Philly cheese, mayo , and sliced almonds. I take … Continue reading