Pickleball Rap

Has this happened to you? You meet someone, you get to talking, you work ‘pickleball’ into the conversation. Your acquaintance gives you a blank stare.

” What’s that ”, they ask?

You go into the explanation– ” It’s like table tennis, but on a bigger court”….” It’s like tennis, but on a smaller court”…….or, if you’re a weirdo like me… ” Pickleball…oh, it’s cut up gherkins, Philly cheese, mayo , and sliced almonds. I take it to potlucks. Pregnant women seem to like it.”

If you find that you are tired of describing your sport to people, I have a suggestion. Instead of explaining things in the everyday way, try this—put your ball cap on backwards, cue your beatbox ‘homey’, and recite some lines:

Pickleing pop,
Pickleing pop,

I have a game that’s good to play,
You can learn in less than a day,
It’s got a crazy name but it’s fun to say,
The name….

( chorus )
Pickleing pop,
Pickleing pop,

Some players like to slam in duress,
but that’s not the way , I use finesse,
give the ball a little caress,
so it just goes over the net.
Getting all my gear on, I like to play–

Pickleing pop,
Pickleing pop,

Ah ya bored with nothing to do,
Get out with the rest of your crew.
Old , young..we get all sorts.
You get tough fit out there on the courts.

Wanna play,
Wanna play,
Wanna play,

Pickleing pop,
Pickleing pop,

Yeah, yeah…I know , I know,… the verses are a little light. So maybe I didn’t grow up in the ghetto. So shoot me!….. uh, maybe that’s a poor choice of words… but hey, you can always send in some meatier lines to bring the PB rap home. (I tried to get Eminem, but his agent says he doesn’t do racquet sports.)

Yo, yo, pickallo’s…..check out this game on the youtube:

Gold Medal Match Men’s Doubles 5.0 – Grand Canyon

The match featured Justin Rodgers and Dave Weinbach vs Steve Wong and Aspen Kern. Tell me, have any of you ever seen anyone like Justin Rodgers? He plays in such an unconventional style!

I guess I could give him a backhand compliment, because he hardly ever hits the ball with his forehand. Weird….but effective!!

I suppose it just goes to show, there’s a lot of room in pickleball to do your own thing to whatever different drum beat your paddling to.

I think his home base is in Oceanside, Ca. Please let me know if any of you have seen him play in person.

RITE WAY PICKLEBALL – TIP # 6: Doubles Play ( cont’d )
At least with serious, tournament doubles, you can choose your own partner. As discussed, choose wisely. You need to act as a team.

With social play, you have little choice as to your partner, nor should it matter. We should strive to make the teams as balanced as possible so a more enjoyable game can be had by all. Take it easy on beginners. We were all there once. Don’t pick on the newbie just to get a point or win a game. I find it enjoyable to hit the hard or ‘difficult’ shot to the more experienced partner and practise dinking or other shots with the less experienced person. Give them shots they have a chance to return. It will make for longer rallies. Longer rallies mean better games and more ‘practise’ for all. I have often been in a situation playing with an inexperienced player and watched them get pummeled. When the game was over and the ‘tapping paddles’ was finished I would occasionally hear someone say ” wow, we beat so and so”. How important is it to ‘win’ a social game??

Till next time…pick your spots where you want to ‘go all out’. Your game can still improve no matter who your opponent or your partner is.

Doug– thanks so much coach for this great article. I think it gives us all some things to think about.

‘Prima population of pickleball players and potential places to play’.

Like Dorothy discovered in the Land of Oz – ‘there is no place like home’. Or, at least a day’s drive from home.

Other than Victoria and the environs, (Sooke , Sidney , Brentwood) here is a list of the towns on Vancouver Island that have places to play pickleball:

Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake , Salt Spring Island, Chemanius, Duncan, Lake Cowichan, Youbou, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Union Bay, Cumberland, Courtenay, Comox , Campbell River…..Quite impressive!

Naturally I came to a conclusion after studying the above list….there’s some missing spots on the map. They need some ambassadors to get the sport started in Port Alberni, Uclulet, Tofino , Port Hardy , etc.

The other conclusion…wouldn’t it be nice to travel around in the summer and play in every ‘sweet’ town on Vancouver Island!

Re – Victoria Pickle Day, I had quite a few people who wrote in to support the idea of a picnic at McMinn Park. It was pointed out to me though that the date I suggested, July 10th, is when many picklers will be up in Kelowna for the Nationals.

So, how about Monday July 6th, Tuesday July7th, or Wednesday July 8th?…. Please let me know if you like one of those dates. Pearkes is closed during that week, so there should be quite a ‘mob’ at McMinn.

If anyone has any questions or comments for the Rite Way Coach, send them in… I’ll pass your messages on to him.

By the way…I have a question for all you — I am thinking of having a web site which would feature, along with the CHALLENGE COURT, a selection of other writing I have done.

Please let me know if you are interested in reading my non-pickleball related stories. I’m not sure if they are any good, and I could use your feedback.

Oh my, I am so excited…it’s less than a week until the start of the tournament at Pearkes! I only play on Sunday, but it will be great to watch the play on the other days. It will also be great to schmooze with the out of towners!

I’m not sure what I’ll write about for next week,… it’ll be a surprise.  Be sure to write in if you’re feeling creative ( drunk?)

Ciao for now…DJB.

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