Opening Serve

OPENING SERVE Writing a weekly blog, newsletter imposes discipline on the creative side of my personality. It is also exercise. Best of all, it is an opportunity to interact, and get feedback from the active, vibrant, and often quirky characters that hang out at the PB courts, and, the ones who live in a ‘different’ location. ……Yujoil Kowq, who is from the planet Zweegh . was introduced in the May 3rd installment of the ‘Court’. A BUMPER CROP The bumper … Continue reading

You Are the Best Player

SPECIAL MID WEEK EDITION As I stated in Sundays installment, I had too much to put in one email. TOURNAMENT WRAP Here is some more on the Nationals in Kelowna. Starting with some eye witness accounts by Victoria’s Heather Hood. Well Doug, the tournament was really something, especially having the opportunity to watch some of the best PB players in the USA play right on the court next to us. One of the highlights was sitting with the likes of … Continue reading

Dreams are Like Wishes

PREFACE I tried to explain to a friend, how for me, there is a risk in writing fiction. It’s not the dangers that I have in my ‘day job’. There are no chain saws or falling branches. The problem for me, with visualizing characters, is that they become too real. ‘Too real’, that’s an odd phrase…..something is real or it’s not. There is no more, or less, to it. Anyway, if you want to have a bit of fun, write … Continue reading

Painless Pickleball

MAKING TIME WITH JEAN Writing for me is like pickleball. I need to warm up before I play. I need to give myself some room, and I need to get into a comfortable zone in preparation for the game. The following is a continuation from last week, when I introduced my ‘genie’. I wanted the challenge of writing from the female ‘point of view’. I also liked the idea of creating a character that knows she is not real. The … Continue reading

A Touchy Subject

A TOUCHY SUBJECT The point of introducing a new character, a female, to the story line was to have a fourth person to play doubles with. It also gave my writer’s block a challenge…to narrate from the perspective of Jean (the Scottish genie). She will eventually, I hope, bring me a way to see clearly what it means to play a game in writing that connects to, and in a way, makes as much sense in life as hitting a … Continue reading