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Writing a weekly blog, newsletter imposes discipline on the creative side of my personality. It is also exercise. Best of all, it is an opportunity to interact, and get feedback from the active, vibrant, and often quirky characters that hang out at the PB courts, and, the ones who live in a ‘different’ location.

……Yujoil Kowq, who is from the planet Zweegh . was introduced in the May 3rd installment of the ‘Court’.


The bumper sticker read,’If this van is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’. The trouble was:

  1. It was parked in the 15 minute drop off zone outside my condo.
  2. It was my job as a strata member to make sure the parking bylaw was enforced.
  3. The van was moving in a way that could be described as rocking !

‘Darn,’ I thought, as I went up to the driver’s darkly tinted window, ‘I’m going to have to be the ‘heavy’ to some sex crazed adolescents.’

I tapped on the side of the van and the window rolled down. I went over to confront the driver and I was awed.

”Oh,” I sputtered, ”what…huh… how?”

”Hi guy,” he replied nonchalantly.

I looked around to see if anyone was on the street. I was lucky, there was nobody around. I looked back at my pen pal that I had only met once in person. For some reason I couldn’t think of anything to say. I stared at him. He looks sort of like Bullwinkle,… but without the antlers.

”Deejay,” he said in his squeaky nasal voice, ”have you got time to go for a drive? I want to show you my new place.”

I still couldn’t think straight, but I thought we better get out of there, so I got in the passenger seat and Yujoil Kowq, the alien from the planet Zweegh , turned a ‘u-ie’ , and we cruised down the road in his 1985 Chevy Van. I heard a noise behind, and looked around and saw the reason for the rocking motion. I turned back to look at my alien pal.

”Yuj,” I croaked, ”there’s a guy in the back!”

”Yeah,” he said,”that’s Elvis.”

I looked back at the figure behind me who seemed to be practicing a hip swivel. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. Yujoil spoke again.

”We’re going to my new place in the Highlands , I have plunkenwheedle and pickleball courts there,” he said proudly.

I turned around and stared at the ‘King’ .He had finished his athletics and was relaxing on the bench that ran down one side of the van. I was wondering what to say to him. Nothing came to me, so I turned around and kept silent while we drove along the highway to our destination. It took us about 45 minutes driving until we got to an acreage on the outskirts of Victoria. We pulled up to a large house at the end of a long driveway. We went in the back door of the house into a big kitchen, and sat down at a round table. When we got settled I thought of something.

”Yuj,” I said, and gestured to the young man seated with us, ”I like Elvis, you know that, but what’s he doing here?” My friend snickered.

” Heh, heh,” he chorkled, ”that’s for you to figure out. We’re just here to help you work on it. You’re the writer after all, heh, heh.”

Elvis by this time was ready. He stuck out his hand.

” I’m very happy to meet you Mr. Writer,” he said in his silky Southern drawl. ”I think you can figure out what I’m doing here.” They both gave me hopeful looks.

‘ Darn-it,’ I thought,’ what kind of tangle have I got myself into!’

I looked at the young handsome man and replied with more confidence than I felt.

” I’ll try my best to work it out,” I said. Elvis Presley seemed pleased.

” Thank- you,” he said politely, ” thank-you very much.”

……to be continued next week


I got an email from Ken Holman who produces the Vancouver Island Pickleball Association website.

I like to go to the site to check out all the PB news, including info on the upcoming tournament at Fuller Lake.



Wayne Russell’s website has a news section, with a film of the history of pickleball. This is a really cool short with interviews with a lot of the proud PB pioneers. I loved it!!

Thanks buddy for sending me the link.


Some good picklers in our city are working behind the scenes to make it happen. I support their endeavours, I think it could be a beautiful thing for Victoria. That is what this article is about. It’s my attempt to initiate a conversation.

I believe if we ‘build it’, players will come. That is, if there is enough enthusiasm and imagination to make it a reality. It would be somewhere we, and players from all over the area can gather to play. Also, it could be a destination spot for an outdoor tournament. Can you see the possibilities? The goal is obvious,… ‘designated’ pickleball courts in our city! BUT,….. that’s not all. It could be more!!

I read in last weeks’ paper that Topaz Park is being considered for a permanent tent city for the homeless. Then, I happened to be reading in Jennifer Lucore’s blog , of a successful ‘pay it forward’ with pickleball plan to help the homeless community.

‘Why couldn’t,’ I thought, ‘the homeless in our city be helped with the same kind of program…?’

‘Oh yeah,’ I reminded myself,’there’s no pickleball courts at Topaz. Yeah,….. but what if there was?….. I could make a screenplay. It could be a movie called ‘Pickleball Park of Dreams.’

Only this film doesn’t have to be a fantasy!

Check out the ‘pay it forward’ article on Jennifer’s Pickleball Blog, archives Dec 2014 & Feb 2015


They are very annoying to defend against, but a joy to make.

How about a name for balls that get deflected off the top of the net; ‘tape tips’, or ‘tippy tape’ shots? Does anyone have a more colourful or memorable title?

What would you call them?


For people heading up to the beautiful Parksville, Nanoose area this summer , you might want to check out  the pickleball at Fairwinds Rec Center. It’s not listed on the places to play guide, so here are the times:

Monday 5pm – 8pm , Thursday 5pm – 8pm , Saturday 12:30pm – 3:30pm.


A big paddle tap to Pearkes for including youths in the drop in sessions on Tuesdays this summer, the kids are a blast to play with!

I’m still getting emails from people who are concerned about the Mexican Scramble vs Curling Club tournament controversy, I will advertise them both again in next week’s blog.

My daughter Heather, who is figuring out the CC website, has a cool website of her own. Her and her husband are on an extended (16 month) European adventure. Their photos are wonderful. Email me if you would like the link.



I’m doing research on different things, I’m just not sure where the muse will take me.


It’s been a fun week, thanks for the game.

DJ Baker.

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