Here I Go Again

After lunch the next day, Elvis and I went for a walk on the grounds of Yujoil’s country estate. I asked him how he liked the idea of being a clone.

He shrugged and sang, ”That’s All Right now DJ, anything you do…”

We walked along and worked out some details about how he was raised by Zweeghians. Since the planet was many light years away, he was receiving TV shows, and radio broadcasts, from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Thus, he was able to learn all of Elvis’s early music. Naturally, when he heard that Yuj was moving to Earth, he wanted to check things out.

We got all the details of his life history figured out and headed back to the house. When we got there we had a big surprise… At the back of the house is a big grassy area, and the yard was filled with pickleballers! Yuj had invited everyone to meet the King!

Pam, and her friend Rose, had their shoes off, and were earth-walking on the grass. Dave, and a bunch of the Tolmie guys, were sitting around talking, I heard ‘conspiracy theory’ mentioned. Wayne had a big sack filled with cool retro PB paddles, and Sabrina looked cute dressed as a mini skirted Santa’s helper. Beverly pulled off quite a coup…. she arrived with Claire and Jamie from the ‘Outlander’ series. I heard a car horn, and John R and his wife Jan-Louise were dropped off in a white limo. Heather, and a bunch of the slow-pitch girls were tossing a frisbee around. Sue was in her glory taking pictures of everyone with her cell phone. We went up and watched Al learning triples plunkenwheedle with McDeep and Jean. Kathy was entertaining Flushel, and a group of Yuj’s relatives, with one of her stories…. Zweeghians laugh through there big noses. Funny sounds!!

There was lots more people, actually, you were all there!… It was the best pickle party ever!!

Everyone was excited, because after we had our potluck supper, Yujoil brought out a karaoke machine. We were going to have the highlight of the party….A concert by Elvis Presley!!

….to be continued next week.

Hey there ‘Outsiders’, Pearkes is open this week, so I think attendance will be light at Mcminn.

However, if you’re a keener, you can play outside before the late start times at Pearkes on Tuesday and Wednesday, and after the early session on Thursday. Send in your name if your not on the McMinners list.

Be sure to go to the Curling Club on Mondays and Fridays. We have to show the city that we appreciate creating this venue for us.

It was fun trying out Simon the PB machine at McMinn last week. He’s got a mean serve! Thanks Jan and Wayne for getting him going.

It was unfortunate though,…. the Robot ‘terminated’ a few balls!

Deep Canyon Tennis Club, 73120 Frank Feltrop Circle (off hwy 74), Palm Desert, California.

This is a different experience from many of the resorts down south. First of all, it’s smaller, only about 300 residents. It was built in the 1970’s and the grounds are spacious with lots of trees, some of them quite large. There are 12 tennis courts, 2 tennis pros, and 6 pickleball courts. They don’t have organized PB every day, but there is public play at nearby Cahuilla Hills Park, 6 days a week. The accommodation is in 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses. Prices vary from around $1500 per month in November to as much as $3000 per month in Jan-Mar.

Palm Desert is a nice town, and there is a lot to do in the area as far as hiking, biking, and sightseeing, and Deep Canyon is a very friendly place to stay.

For more info call their office at 760-346-0845, go to the VRBO Deep Canyon Tennis Club site, or call realtor and resident Jim Bartell 760-449-0509.

I received this email that I think we should all respond to:

Hi Doug, 

  I was speaking to Kyle Laberge, West Shore’s Arena Programs and Courts Coordinator, about having lines painted in the Juan De Fuca lacrosse box for pickleball. (Comox and Courtenay both have done this with great success.) I am hoping that you can send this information out to your list asking people to send Kyle an email supporting this idea. After speaking with Kyle, he implied that the more people that write to him would justify having the lines in place.

His emaill address is:

Thanks for the help.

Mike and Judy Priestley

– Thanks for writing Mike and Judy. Let’s ALL send a note to Kyle.

Introducing my newest character, country singer and pickleballer: Artie Oakley.

These are the lyrics to his big hit song:


I spend all my time,
just paddling around.
I get in my camper,
and go from town to town

When I find a place to play,
it kind of gets me down.
Cause I’m so bad at pickleball,
I start to feel the clown.

I wish I didn’t love to play,
After a game it’s sad to see.
Cause I’m so bad at pickleball,
nobody wants to play with me.

Then one day it happened,
I met a pickle gal from B.C.
And when I tapped her paddle,
I felt a kind of elec-tricity.

When we played together,
I turned into a different man.
I aced my serves and dropped my dinks,
like I had magic hands.

She said her name was Pepper.
She was talking pleasantly.
She told me she played better,
when she was teamed with me.

I realized from that day,
things were not the same.
When she and I got together,
we played a spicy game.

Now you might think it crazy that,
I didn’t settle down.
I still get in my camper,
and go paddling around.

But when I find a place to play,
my girl is there with me.
She likes the way I pickle,
so she’s doubled up with me.

Pretty paddle packin’, picklin’ Pepper,
loves to play with me!!

I received an email from Kerry Savory about two different locations to play outdoors.

The court near Wellburn’s Grocery on Cook St, and 2 resurfaced tennis courts with PB lines at Strawberry Vale Ball Park (Rosedale Park) Has anyone one played at either of those locations?

I received an email from Leslie Black seeing if there is enough interest to rent Brentwood Hall next Saturday, August 15th from 9:00 am – 11:00am. $5 per person. If you write in, I will forward your name to Leslie.

Since I have retired recently, I have more time for writing. If anyone is interested, I will send you by email a non-pickleball story I am working on.

The concluding episode of the Elvis yarn, and, I’m not sure what else yet. Hopefully something about the Fuller Lake tournament.


Thanks for the game,

DJ Baker.

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