I found it difficult to narrow down the guys to a top ten list, so I decided to do the top twenty for them. These are players we can learn from by watching their tournament videos. If you haven’t done so, you may want to check out the women’s list,’s in the Aug 16th archive edition. Also, for more on women players, check out my comment at the end of this article. 1  Wes Gabrielson – In my opinion, he … Continue reading


I received lots of response to last weeks post about the lack of places to play pickleball on certain days. Thanks to everyone who responded. I had a note, from a friend, on a different topic. I have put their email and my reply in below. I have deleted their name out of  privacy concerns. —– Doug et al You do a good job of keeping us informed. Is there any method out there for matching PARTNERS for Tuesday practices … Continue reading

I Don’t Like Mondays

I DON’T LIKE MONDAYS I am still on a break from doing the CHALLENGE COURT, however I thought I would make a small complaint about Victoria’s rec centers pickleball schedules. They seem to all be mid week centric! Pearkes has a fantastic schedule, hmm…. Tues-Thurs. Henderson rec has PB, hmm….. Tues-Thurs. Mary Winspear in Sidney has play until Dec 16th, uh…Tues and Wed. Seapac in Sooke, hmm… nice try, but Tues and Thurs only. So,… that leaves us with the old reliables: … Continue reading