I Don’t Like Mondays

I am still on a break from doing the CHALLENGE COURT, however I thought I would make a small complaint about Victoria’s rec centers pickleball schedules. They seem to all be mid week centric!

Pearkes has a fantastic schedule, hmm…. Tues-Thurs.┬áHenderson rec has PB, hmm….. Tues-Thurs.┬áMary Winspear in Sidney has play until Dec 16th, uh…Tues and Wed. Seapac in Sooke, hmm… nice try, but Tues and Thurs only.

So,… that leaves us with the old reliables: Saanich Commonwealth, Mondays and Fridays they have PB, hooray!…. except they are closed until Sept 21st. Esquimalt Rec, hmm,… yeah, they have PB on Monday for 2 hours only. Cedar Hill Rec, Monday they have PB from 12 – 2:30. Great!.. .except you have to get used to the compact playing area there, oh…, and it is for advanced players only. So that is my small complaint,…. I think there should be more options for PB players to play Friday – Monday.

What do you think?

DJ Baker.

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  1. Suzanne harrison(Sue2) says:

    I love playing in the field house, tues or weds. And can play at Henderson on Thursday , but loved the Sunday morning. I suppose we can still play at Canarvon outdoors, mornings tues and Thursday again. We are in a pickle aren’t we!!

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