Looking Good

Hey there all you beautiful pickle people. I have a personal question….When you’re playing doubles, are you and your partner stacked?…No…hum…well I’m not surprised There are so few teams that I see playing at Pearkes that look the way I think they should. I do, however, have a remedy for those who would like to look better out on the courts. Ladies,…you may get admiring glances from your male playing partner when you are nicely stacked, and guys,…it’s alright if … Continue reading

Love Story

I am quite excited to offer the following tale. It is about a couple of PBers that have done a lot for our game. Many of us got to know them by taking one of their instruction courses at Commonwealth Rec Centre. The title of this article describes not only their feelings for each other, but also their enthusiasm for the sport of pickleball… Presenting……. Somnuk (Andy) and Cynthia Vixaysouk……In Their Own Words 1. Where were you born, where did you grow … Continue reading

Pickleball Fantasy vs Pickleball Reality

In the August 16th edition of CC, I had an article about pickleball paddles called ‘Spanking the Competition’. One of the PB paddles I described was the ‘Mini’, which was supposed to be one-twenty fourth the size of a regular paddle. The whole section was my somewhat lame attempt at writing a humour article. The Mini, and all the other paddles I discussed only existed in my imagination, well…at least that’s what I thought… For a bizarre case of fiction … Continue reading

National Wrap

Some of the late singles matches were delayed until Monday because of the rain down in Casa Grande. Today’s matches were not on the live stream. Here is the list of the gold medallists in singles. Men’s open singles- Marcin Rozpedski Women’s open singles- Simone Jardim Men’s seniors singles- Scott Moore Women’s seniors singles- Bonnie Williams The Elliott kids, Joshua and Rachel, also won gold in their singles matches. For info on all the events go to-  www.pickleballtournaments.com This years … Continue reading

‘Win-Mens’ Lib at the Nationals

Pickleball is unique sport, in that the mixed genre is the most popular category of play. Women and men both love our sport, and, they love to play together in tournaments. In our modern era, you might expect that the tendency towards equality would extend to pickleball strategy. Uh,…not so much…A case in point was the gold medal mixed doubles matches at Palm Creek. Seniors Mixed Open Winners – Mona Burnett and Scott Moore By all accounts, Mona Burnett is … Continue reading