‘Win-Mens’ Lib at the Nationals

Pickleball is unique sport, in that the mixed genre is the most popular category of play. Women and men both love our sport, and, they love to play together in tournaments. In our modern era, you might expect that the tendency towards equality would extend to pickleball strategy. Uh,…not so much…A case in point was the gold medal mixed doubles matches at Palm Creek.

Seniors Mixed Open Winners – Mona Burnett and Scott Moore

By all accounts, Mona Burnett is a thoroughly modern woman, but, when it comes to winning at mixed pickleball, she chose a strategy of letting her partner be in control of the game. I call this ‘win-mens’ lib. That means letting the strongest partner take most of the shots. The plan worked in this doubles match. Scott Moore, a dominating player, took most of the shots, and he and Mona won gold in two quick games.


Mixed Open Doubles Winners – Raphael Siebenschien and Simone Jardim

The game plan was different for this duo. The play was a lot more balanced between the sexes, but the strategy still holds true,…….whoever is the stronger player does most of the poaching. I think the female half of this team, Simone Jardim, is a pro tennis player (a teaching pro). I have noticed lately that more dual sport people are winning pickleball tournaments. The issue is complicated, but it boils down to this, …..pickleballers have to earn a living, and there is more tennis pro jobs than there are pro pickleball jobs.


Men’s Youth Doubles 11 – 18 Winners — JJ Stone and Josh Elliot

It was nice to get a look at the play of Robert Elliot’s son Josh Elliot. This future men’s star has already won a handful of pickleball medals in youth play. His sister Rachel also won gold today in her doubles play.


Cutting the Strings?

Can anyone confirm or deny the rumour that Puppetmaster Tim Nelson is retiring from tournament play to concentrate on law school?


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