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Some of the late singles matches were delayed until Monday because of the rain down in Casa Grande. Today’s matches were not on the live stream. Here is the list of the gold medallists in singles.

Men’s open singles- Marcin Rozpedski

Women’s open singles- Simone Jardim

Men’s seniors singles- Scott Moore

Women’s seniors singles- Bonnie Williams

The Elliott kids, Joshua and Rachel, also won gold in their singles matches.

For info on all the events go to-

This years US Nationals has seen a lot of new faces winning medals. I noticed something about them. On the men’s side, the golden guy Marcin Rozpedski, and the bronze medallist Morgan Evans, and on the women’s side golden lady Simone Jardim, and todays bronze winner Sarah Ansboury all have a common denominator…..they are all pro tennis instructors! ….I am thinking this may be a trend that will continue. Teachers tend to have analytical minds…..Just the kind of thinking that is good for the chess game that is pickleball.

Well, that’s it for my comments on this years games. It was a transition year for pickleball. The game at the top level is becoming more competitive, more professional, and,…more commercialized. Sports companies are noticing the rapid growth of our sport. In the future we can expect better production values of the video casts. Unfortunately, that will mean more advertisements. Good and bad, happy and sad, yin and yang,…things change,….that’s alright,…..our love for the game of pickleball will stay the same.

DJ Baker.


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