Pickleball Fantasy vs Pickleball Reality

In the August 16th edition of CC, I had an article about pickleball paddles called ‘Spanking the Competition’. One of the PB paddles I described was the ‘Mini’, which was supposed to be one-twenty fourth the size of a regular paddle. The whole section was my somewhat lame attempt at writing a humour article. The Mini, and all the other paddles I discussed only existed in my imagination, well…at least that’s what I thought…

For a bizarre case of fiction matching reality, check out on youtube the ‘Battle of the Mini Paddles’. This event, that was sponsored by Selkirk Sports, took place at this year’s US Nationals. The competition is quite funny.

Let me know what you think…..Should we have an event like this at a Victoria pickleball tournament?


Doris and The Way Too Early Birds

When I ask pickle pals if they are thinking of going to the early pickleball sessions , the most common response is.. ”That’s waaaaay too early for me.”… I understand the sentiment. Most of us are retired, and getting up for a 7 a.m. commitment might bring back painful memories of when we were productive members of the slave labour force! However,.. I thought I should be a good patriotic blogger and point out the benefits of attending the morning PB sessions, which occur Wednesdays and Fridays, 7- 8:30 am at Commonwealth Rec.

The first, and probably the only benefit that I see, is that there are no long waits between games!!!! We all know how crowded it can be at other PB times, so it is great to feel special….Like you’re not just one of a swarm of others no longer so baby-like boomers. So please set your dreaded alarm clock and try one of these sessions that Saanich has so kindly provided. Pamela and I did, and we quite enjoyed ourselves!!

If you go to join the others at these sessions, be sure to see Doris Clemens. She will put you on her list. That way you can be informed of how many players plan to attend each session.

Thanks Doris, for keeping everyone informed.


A note to new readers- all the past editions of CHALLENGE COURT are on the website.



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