Death and Destruction in France

Can anyone explain how we got to this place?…More and more violence is creeping into the lives of the people of the democratic countries of Europe. So far,….we are safe in Canada, but,…..should we be worried,…..should we be doing something?….Can anyone explain how we got to this place? I don’t think so,…because the place we are at is called ‘out of control’…. This is war,…but it is not a conflict where there will be winners and losers…..It is the ultimate … Continue reading

New Faces The Nationals

I am thinking that some of the medals won this weekend at Palm Creek could be first time winners in the open categories. First off,…. watch for Aspen Kern. He’s already won silver in the 19 plus men’s doubles, where he was teamed up with that super young player Matt Staub. Aspen has a good all round game and could be on the podium on Saturday, but, it won’t be easy to win, since this category is filled with incredible … Continue reading

News and Views

Big Fat PB Deal As I’m sure all you picklenuts know, …this week is the World Series, Super Bowl, and Stanley Cup of pickleball tournaments,…the USAPA Nationals v11 are being held at Robson Ranch and Palm Creek Resorts in Arizona! There will be some good videos out soon on you tube. In the mean time, I thought I would comment on some of the early results in the age categories. In the 19 plus men’s doubles, the team of Kyle … Continue reading