Special G.R. Pearkes Edition

Here’s the schedule for Drop in Pickleball at Pearkes for January 2016 TUESDAY         Jan 5 – June 28,     1-4 pm Everyone Welcome TUESDAY         Jan 5 – June 28,     6-9 pm Everyone Welcome WEDNESDAY  Jan 6 – June 29,     1-4 pm Everyone Welcome THURSDAY     Jan 7 – June 30,     1-4 pm Everyone Welcome ————– My Thoughts As you can see from above, Saanich … Continue reading

Slim Picklins

Hey there pickleballers, do you want to play somewhere this week?…Me too. Since Pearkes and Henderson Rec centres are closed for the holiday break, I am thinking of going to either Esquimalt or Commonwealth Rec. Esquimalt – Sunday 4:30-6:30 pm  Mon., Tues., Thurs 1:15-3:15 Commonwealth- (holiday hours) Mon and Wed 4-6 pm The sessions are bound to be crowded….If you plan on going to Esquimalt, make sure your phone first, they only take the first 16 registrants. I was sick … Continue reading

Part Three Of The Christmas Special Edition

Chapter Five – The Game ”Clear a path,” T’ron said, and she walked to the top of the ramp and then turned to face us. ”Everyone stay here,” she ordered, ”until I signal all clear.” She turned to go and Rob spoke, ”Hold it,” he said to her. T’ron stopped and Robin spoke again. ”You should let one of us go first Commander. In case of danger your the only one who nows how to raise the ramp back up…I’ll … Continue reading

Part Two of a Christmas Special Edition

PB Christmas Story Chapter Three – A Whole New World Our group of pickleballers, along with Yuj and Santa, left the insterstell station and walked down a street of the alien town we had arrive at. It was not at all what I had expected!….I thought it would be very ultra modern, with flying cars and soaring skyscrapers. Instead,… it was delightfully old fashioned. I asked Yuj if all the cities on Zweegh were like the quaint town of Alaifrume that … Continue reading

Warning – Crock Pot Alert!!…Read At Your Own Risk!!

Welcome everyone to part one of my Christmas week edition of CHALLENGE COURT. Prepare yourself for a fun filled adventure as I indulge myself in a different kind of writing. In the following story you will be introduced to characters that have appeared in previous editions of CC. They are: Dalton McDeep – see Apr. 26th, May 17th, June 28th, July 19th, and Aug 2-16th editions. Yujoil Kowq – May 3rd, July 26th, Aug 2nd-16th editions. Jean (the Scottish genie) … Continue reading