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Hey there pickleballers, do you want to play somewhere this week?…Me too. Since Pearkes and Henderson Rec centres are closed for the holiday break, I am thinking of going to either Esquimalt or Commonwealth Rec.

Esquimalt – Sunday 4:30-6:30 pm  Mon., Tues., Thurs 1:15-3:15

Commonwealth- (holiday hours) Mon and Wed 4-6 pm

The sessions are bound to be crowded….If you plan on going to Esquimalt, make sure your phone first, they only take the first 16 registrants.

I was sick with the bug last week, so I missed playing at Pearkes. I’m looking forward to when they reopen in January….. More about this in a future article.


Doing Our Part

This is a note to all the people who did not receive an email from Wayne Russell or Dave McNeill about filling out this survey @

Here is an email from Dave explaining why we need 4 pickleball courts at Tolmie Park:

  • There are many reasons a dedicated only facility would be wonderful to have….We need a place to get together enlarge groups when the weather is nice, a place to ‘call our own’. Four courts could be put on the one tennis court, thus leaving a tennis court for tennis guys and four courts for PB people. We could really use four dedicated courts somewhere,…we just have to show that there is a demand. If we all wrote we just might ‘get er done’. I encourage as many people as possible to take the ten minutes to complete the survey.

Wayne adds:

  • It doesn’t matter where you live. If you will use the courts, they will build them.

I would personally be quite ‘stoked’ to play with a group of keeners at Tolmie Park in the good weather! McMinn park is getting crowded, and there has been issues there with the tennis people.

It’s a little difficult the first time finding the back entrance to the park. You turn off Tattersal Dr onto Saanich Rd., then go right on Darwin Av., left on Savannah Av., and left on a short section of Leaslie Dr. The front entrance is easy,… you just go up Saanich Rd. and turn right on Leslie Dr.

Thanks to Dave and Wayne for bringing this opportunity to our attention!


Picklosophy Spin

These are some interesting comments I received in an email from Ian Daniel:

  • I’ve seen the videos and herd the advice from the accepted wise ones. Play safe with the serve, get it in play, return deep on second shot, and, oh yes,…the all important third shot into the kitchen. Get to the Net!!! Yes,..I know it is the high percentage method of winning. However, I love ‘playing’ with my serve…Seeing if I can make that ball dance into some unusual configurations. I can sometimes really have fun with non alert receivers, but, for the most part, it is returned successfully. I lose way more points by missing my low percentage target area, but my attempts always charge me up for the rest of the point. There’s not much I can do with the return of serve, except the accepted ‘keep em deep’ and on their backhand. Now the third shot,…you better believe I’m at the net and I am volleying that second shot of theirs. Even when they are skillfully dropping their shot into the kitchen, I love to reach over and intercept it…..a long reach helps here.
  • During play, I enjoy looking for an opportunity to lob. When my lob is short and those big hitters force me into defending with a series of scrambling successive lobs,… it is truly joyful to me! When I can turn back the attack and get on even ground again that is worth more to me than any series of high percentage winning shots.
  • Anyways,…what a great game it is! I hope everyone is finding their zen, whatever that happens to be…….Ian Daniel.

I know from experience that some of Ian’s serves can be a challenge to return. Thanks buddy for sharing your ideas.


Full Of Beans

I love watching Rich Geenen playing pickleball. Not because he is the best player around, but, because of the energy and joy he competes with in his matches. Check out this video where he is teamed up with Jennifer Lincoln, against Dave Weinbach and Shirley Johnson, in a match from last August at the State Games of America.

Rich is the guy in the yellow tee who looks like he’s been drinking vente’s from Starbucks all morning!


Write On

If you have a comment to make (good or bad) on something you’ve read in the CC, or…if you feel inspired to share your thoughts on the game with your fellow pickle heads, please write me at my personal email address-

We are now at over 200 subscribers, so anything you send in will be viewed by a good cross section of Victoria’s pickle hoard, plus readers from across Canada and the US.

Ciao for now, and thanks for the game,

DJ Baker.

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