Call Now For PB At Cedar Hill

*Cedar Hill Rec. Center is ready to take calls for their upcoming tournaments. 250-475-7126* MIX AND MATCH TOURNAMENT.   Feb 20, 2016 $35 (lunch included) 36 players, 1 day event. Individuals will play doubles matches with various partners, then matched with a permanent partner for the playoffs. PARTNER CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT.  Mar 12, 2016 $70 (lunch included) 18 teams, 1 day event. Enter as a team and play other set teams. Min 7 games, $100 first prize, $50 second prize. INTRODUCTION … Continue reading

Pickleball Tournament Announcement

Note – Challenge Court is not an official voice for Saanich Rec. Centers. However, I thought that my readers would like to know about 2 tournament coming up on Feb. 20th and Mar 12th. These events are sure to be popular, so,….be sure to call in early if you want to attend, BUT….as is stated below…DON’T PHONE YET! ———— CEDAR HILL PB TOURNAMENTS Opportunity to hone your tournament PB skills right here at home. Cedar Hill Rec Center is hosting … Continue reading

Special Political Pickleville Edition

Our area’s pickleball is at a turning point. Our playing population has grown, and, this trend will continue. I have had conversations with pioneers about what it was like when our game came to Victoria. The earliest reference I heard of was 1998 in Brentwood,….just eighteen years ago! The growth was slow at first,….for instance, 7 years ago their was only 2 courts used for pickleball at Commonwelth Rec. Now it’s a different story, at Commonwealth the courts are jammed, … Continue reading

Less Pickle at Pearkes

Listed below are all the cancelled dates for Pickleball Jan – June 2016 at Pearkes Rec. TUESDAYS – Canceled Mar 22 and June 21, 2016 WEDNESDAYS – Canceled Feb 17,24 and Mar 23, 2016 THURSDAYS – Canceled Jan 21, and Feb 18,25 and Mar 24, 31, and Apr 7 and May 5, 2016. January 21, Febuary 17, 18, 24, 25, March 23, 24, 31, April 7, May 5, June 21. ——— Reaching Out To Miss Tolmie’s Neighbourhood I learned something … Continue reading

The Pleasure Button and Tolmie Park Improvements

I never visualized that it would happen. I thought when I started doing this newsletter that my focus would be on entertaining and amusing my pickle pals. Because I’m not a pro player, like other pickle writers Jennifer Lucore or Prem Carnot, I realized that my blog should focus on the lighter side of the game. However, somewhere on my writing road I realized that I had to comment when something comes up that is important to the future of … Continue reading