The Pleasure Button and Tolmie Park Improvements

I never visualized that it would happen. I thought when I started doing this newsletter that my focus would be on entertaining and amusing my pickle pals. Because I’m not a pro player, like other pickle writers Jennifer Lucore or Prem Carnot, I realized that my blog should focus on the lighter side of the game. However, somewhere on my writing road I realized that I had to comment when something comes up that is important to the future of our shared pickle paths. The meeting next Tuesday arranged by Saanich is a case in point. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but, if you are in the company of your fellows, then pickle politics can be a rewarding experience. So, without further preamble, I will get to the gist of this article, informing PB activists of the upcoming meeting arranged by Saanich to get public input on Tolmie Park.


Location: Cathedral Church of the St. John the Evangelist, 980 Falmouth Rd.


Workshop #1 – 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (RSVP)

Drop-In Session – 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Workshop #2 – 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. (RSVP)

  • NOTE – The workshops are probably the most effective way for picklers to get there message across. They are restricted to 25-30 people who represent a cross section of interested park users. Myself, and 4 other picklers have registered for the early #1 workshop. Julie Lommerse, the coordinator for this event, informed me that any other PBers who called in would have to attend the #2 workshop.
  • If you are interested in attending the 6:30 p.m. workshop, please RSVP by Friday, January 15. Contact Julie Lommerse at 250-475-5522 to register.


This meeting will be a chance for us to try to get some designated pickleball courts at Tolmie Park. The existing two tennis courts measure approximately 56′ by 105′. A regulation pickleball court is 20′ by 44’….the bottom line?…we could fit 4 PB courts on each tennis court!! Some players prefer playing outside in the nice weather. Full courts at Tolmie would take the pressure away from the rec centres to supply more drop in times for us ardent pickle heads. It would be great if we could have this project done soon, then the people playing in this years Nationals at Kelowna could get some needed outdoors practice time.

I have selfish reasons for getting this project ‘on the ground’…I like going to ‘pickler-nics’. Last year at McMinn Park we had several fun potluck celebrations. Tolmie could become a gathering place for PBers significant birthdays and pickleball’s 51st anniversary (Victoria Pickleball Day).

The bottom ‘bottom line’ let’s get organized and see if we can make Tolmie our PICKLE PARK OF DREAMS…..if they build it, it will be used!!


The Cucumber Vine

This is a new section where I will put in small random things that I find interesting.

Hear are some quotes that I heard from one of our wise old picklers:

”It’s not how hard you hit it,…it’s how hard it is to return.”

”Tennis, squash, and other racquet people learn how to play quickly. It’s like speaking another language, …learning the second language is hard, learning the third or fourth one is easier.”

–When I need to add new people to my subscribers list, I send the names to my daughter Heather. She is more proficient than I am with the mail chimp program. I sometimes add, what I think of as, amusing comments to the list of names.

My alliterations at the end of the list of names that I sent to Heather:

  • Pickles from Pearkes to perk up the participant perousers of my pertinent to PB paragraphs….Papa.

Heather’s reply:

  • Proceeded processing Pickler particulars per you proposition. Perusals preformed perfectly
  • Party on,… Progeny.

I think Heather outdid me in this latest bit of word play, which makes me a proud Papa!


That’s all for now folks. I just wanted to make sure I got this edition out before the deadline for folks to register for the Tolmie Park meeting.

Thanks for the indoor and outdoor games,

DJ Baker.

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