Pumped To Play — Part Three

Endings can be sad, glad, or, in the case of pickleball,… triumphant! Let’s face it, although we compete for fun,….we want to win. Shall we see how the top 5.0’s do it?…Yes, we shall…. Here are the last contributors to this section. To re-refresh your memory I will list the 2 questions I asked them: 1. In the week preceding a big match, how do you get ‘tournament ready’? 2. Are there any quirky superstitions you do on game day … Continue reading

Pumped To Play — Part Two

”Let the Games begin”…..”Uh,…can you wait a bit…I have to catch up on some reading.” This is the second installment of the answers to 2 questions I posed to some top pickleballers. To refresh your memory: The Questions 1. In the week preceding a big match, how do you get ‘tournament ready’? 2. Are there any quirky superstitions you do on game day that you believe help you to victory? The Contributors This Edition * Cookie Drake – Full of … Continue reading

Pumped To Play – Part One

Don’t you just love it,….you enter a PB tournament at your local rec centre. The day of the event your game is working and you win your match!….Exciting stuff!…Bragging rights and ‘congrats’ from your pals…. When the next tourney comes along you do extra work to get ready….You’ve had a taste of winning. You’ve caught the bug! You want more!! Now,…. can you imagine what it is like for the top players? That is the premise of this weeks’ feature article. … Continue reading

Mastering Life’s Games

Last week I said I was featuring a ‘much loved’ pickleballer in this weeks player profile. Many of my readers guessed whom I was talking about…..That’s because this lady is a ‘people person’ who makes friends wherever she goes….Including last year when she was playing in Kelowna, B.C….Friendly and outgoing, my interviewee is also a ‘top’ player with medals in many high level events. So, to get in the right mood, grab yourself a good cup of coffee and some … Continue reading

Famous Kansas Jayhawks Fan Edition

I know,…I know,…you’re probably wondering what a Kansas Jayhawk ‘is’, and,…’what it has to do with pickleball’? College basketball isn’t as popular in Canada as it is in the USA. Well, I looked it up, the Jayhawks are a basketball team (NCAA), and they have a connection to a rising PB star. I hope I have ‘piqued’ your curiosity enough to read on. But, enough of the pre-ramble,..let’s get right to it,…let’s hear from: ASPEN KERN – IN HIS OWN … Continue reading