”Put Up” Or ”Shut Up” Countdown

Attention outdoor pickleball fans, you only have until Thursday, March 31st to let Saanich planners know which design concept you like for the improvements to Tolmie Park.

Pam and I went to the open house on Tuesday, March 22nd and filled out an option form. We choose option 3–which included turning one tennis court into 3 designated pickleball courts. Below is the link to the site where you can fill out the form online:


Option 3 (for 3 courts), would make Tolmie Park the premier place for outdoor play in Victoria…. Let’s do our best to get this lovely place to play!

For more info contact: Julie Lommerse 250-475-5543   julie.lommerse@saanich.ca

(Note- the other two options were for one or two pb courts)



Question for Joe Valenti

A subscriber sent in an email asking Joe why he wears knee length socks when he is playing in tournaments. Below is his reply:

Great question.

It’s really a 2 part answer, first it came out of necessity as we play 50% of the time indoors due to the winters here in Rochester, NY. A big part of my game is my quickness and footwork, so when I noticed I wouldn’t get the best traction on some of these gym floors I began to wipe my shoes on my socks to clean off the dirt and dust. If you watch some of my indoor youtube videos you will see my socks at the end of the tournament are very dirty. Here is an example:  https://youtu.be/zlukMZW_Qo0?t=11m

Second I used to play soccer so I would like the feel of the cotton knee high socks.


Joe Valenti



* I don’t have a lot to put in this edition of the Court, but I thought I would include a couple of videos I liked:

Jeff Napier  The Easy Way To Pickup A Pickleball


Pure Pickleball – Pickleball Player (5.0) Showcase


The song that accompanies the above video is called ”Young Blood”- by Naked and Famous.

The Cucumber Vine – Crunchy and Delicious Ideas Growing From PB Connections

* Most of us ”baby boomers” remember The Beatles effect on modern culture….Their clothes and haircuts–many of us copied their styles trends. When the Liverpool lads discovered Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Transendental Meditation gained a large number of new devotees…..Let’s face it–celebrity endorsements can change lifestyle choices….. That may effect the growth of our sport… I was interested to see two famous people that have taken up pickleball–ESPN W’s Michael Collins did a story on pickleball by talking to a 4.0 player- LPGA golfer Dewi Schreefel. You can see the piece by doing a Facebook search…..On another FB posting a well known celebrity was pictured on a pb cruise ship holding his custom made paddle–Kid Rock!

* For those players that like to do road trips, you should check out this site that is hosted by Denise and Nancy who are ”two old ladies that get around”…. I subscribed because I want to see the columns by their weekly contributor Sarah Ansboury. This is the address- rvpicklers.com

* I’m going to put this short edition to bed and start working on the next big thing–My report on the big “Surprise Party” down at Sun City. Until then…

Thanks for the game,

DJ Baker


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