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The local heroes are back from their ”overseas” journey (well,… they did have to take a ferry ride). Here are the Victoria area medal winners from the Battle of the Paddle at Pinetree in Coquitlam….The Victoria players are listed in bold script.

Lindy Arnold                                               gold medal          3.0 Ladies singles

Beverly DeHaitre/Kerry Savory          bronze medal      3.5 WD

Kathy Thomson/ Elaine Robinson         silver medal         3.5 WD

Jane Rich/ Sandy Milliken                   gold medal            3.5 WD

Kerry Savory/ Wayne Russell              silver medal         4.0 MXD

Wayne Russell                                            gold medal            4.0 Mens singles

Al Thomson/ Gregory Robinson              bronze medal      3.5 MD

Wayne Russell/ Dave Cudlipp                 silver medal         4.0 Mens doubles


I asked some questions of the wandering competitors. Here are the questions and their comments:

1. What was the best memory that sticks in your mind from the Pinetree trip?

2. What message would you like to convey to your playing partner?

3. Why should more players from Victoria consider going on the next road trip?

Kathy Thomson – My best memory was watching some fantastic players from the Island playing excellent pickleball….My message to my partner from the mainland – LOVE playing with her…we had so many laughs–our motto is play hard, laugh harder…..It would be great to see even more players from the Island go, as it shows that pickleball is alive and well on the Island and we have some incredible players.

Jane Rich – My best memory of the trip were the good laughs, support and friendship from our pickle pals. Soooo much fun!……Great playing partners! Sandy – we did it! Great job! Robin – great playing! We had some great games! It was a pleasure playing with you….Maybe I can bribe Sandy into letting you play with me again sometime….Going on a road trip is a good way to get to know your pickleball friends better. So much energy and support is given. It is also a wonderful way to meet other players from different cities–see what the different level of play is, and have an opportunity to play competitive games!….Highly recommended:-)

Wayne Russell – My best memory is the support that everyone gives to each other. We eat together, sit together and cheer together. I like the team feeling…..To my playing partner Kerry: Thank you for putting in all the hours of practice. We have worked hard and had success. You are an amazing player and an awesome partner……The road trip is less about pickleball and more about good times with good people. It doesn’t matter your skill level, the results don’t matter; if you like meeting people, havings laughs and sharing good times with friends, you should give it a try.

Beverly De Haitre – My best memory was the giddy chatter, excitement and anticipation of everyone on the ferry ride to Vancouver as we dined at the Pacific Buffet….Fabulous playing partner, Kerry!…It’s always a pleasure playing with you….The road trip is about getting to know your fellow players better, meeting other people who share and understand your addiction to pickleball, having a chance to watch and compete against people from other regions, cities, countries, and gauging your level of play within your skill level. It is filled with lots of laughs, dining out and shared memories.


You Be The Judge

Speaking of gala events, the 6th annual Saanich Recreational Tournament is coming up on May 13-15 at Pearkes Rec Center 250-475-5400. If you are one of the volunteers, you may want to take the referee clinic that will take place next Wednesday, April 27th. Those who are interested, contact Al Thomson at   There is no charge, but please reply A.S.A.P.


Simon Says, ”Get ready for designated pickleball courts!”

Congratulations to the pb group from Oak Bay…. Your hard work, many meetings and organized proposal to the parks department has paid off. One of the little used tennis courts at Carnarvon Park will be changed to 4 designated pickleball courts!! The 2 multi use courts will also be retained for 6 pb courts in total. The conversion work is supposed to be completed by early May. Twenty-five players have put up some money for the exclusive use of the new courts on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-noon. The rest of the time the courts will be free for public use. I will be saying more about this story in future editions of CC.

Below is the email address of the fellow in charge of outdoor pickleball in Oak Bay. He has been very supportive of pickle players. Please consider sending Simon Vickers a note to thank him for going forward with this project.



The Buzz From Buckeye

The following are some excerpts from an email exchange with a new Facebook friend who subscribes to my blog. She is a recent medal winner at major pb tournaments like the LeMaster-Davison and the USAPA West Regional. Her name is Jeni James:

…..thanks Jeni or subscribing to CC–I plan on interviewing a lot of top players in the next few months….Please write whenever you feel like it, and let me know if there is anything you want to share with my readers.

JJ – thanks Doug. I hope to see you in Kelowna in July ( for the Canadian Nationals)…I’ll be playing there with Chris Kay (a Canadian) & Cat Grant (Wa)…that will be my last 4.5 tourney before moving up to 5.0…I live in Buckeye Az, near Surprise. I just love it here! Check out my community:

We also have a brand new 55+ community within Verano called ”Victory”. It’s wonderful…As far as contributing anything to your readers…the only thing that comes to mind right now, is how to transition from a 4.5 player to a 5.0 player. I’m not a writer…but I would find it interesting to read how others did it successfully. It’s a huge jump, and I feel like I’m going into ”The den of Lions”. How does someone like me–with no racquet background–compete with the top 5.0 players? Are my tournament days over? I have only competed in 4.5 tourneys and received my very first official rating (4.5) the end of December (2015)…less than 3 months later, I was sent the 5.0 letter. I have mixed feelings over this–happy to be bumped up to the top, but feeling like it will be pointless to try to compete now. Anyway..I think a lot of people feel this way when they get the 5.0 letter. Maybe it would be a good article????

Looking forward to meeting you in the near future! One thing I forgot to mention…my husband is a stand-up comedian and he will be performing in Kelowna during the tourney. I’m hoping to get a bunch of picklers to go to the show! :-)

* That’s a great idea for an article, Jeni…I think it will result in some good feedback from my readers (I plan on doing it as a feature edition)…..As far as your husband, I’m sure some picklers (like me) would get a kick out of going to see Mike perform….Thanks sooo much for the heads up about your community and for all your info. :-)


* That’s a wrap for this week pb pals…before I sign off though, I would like to give a plug to the Plowshare Cafe. They are located at 4649 West Saanich Rd 778-265-8090. They are open M-F 7:30am-4pm and 9am-3pm on the weekends. The owners make great home vittles, and the location is good if your coming from a game at McMinn Park or Commonwealth Rec!

* Next week I’ll be talking with some of the pb stars who are going to the really big ”shoe”. Oh my,…next week is the US Open from Naples, Florida!!

Thanks for the game,

DJ Baker.

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