The Three Bees – Chapter 2

When you attend a major pb event like the Canadian Nationals, you get to see the rare species of pickleballers that can be competitive in the 5.0 tournament level…These are the .01 percenters – the small group of individuals that win medals in open play. Within this group, there is an even smaller number of doubles players that are capable, with the right partner, of capturing gold – and then there is someone else….someone unique….there is Sarah. In this edition … Continue reading

The Three Bees

I am at a deluxe pickleball clinic and life is beautiful…Six of us are sharing a three bedroom resort suite that has a view of Lake Okanagan. The grounds are extensive with hiking paths and old  Ponderosa pine trees. The company is compatible, and as a bonus, we are learning things about pickleball. For me, that is the best part of all…I have hundreds of questions for two of my roommates. They are the reigning women’s doubles champions from last … Continue reading