Pickleball Party

Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of pickleball by gathering at McMinn Park for a Picklernic  (pickleball + picnic)…I suggest we make this an annual event…With that in mind please come, one and all, to the celebrate the 51st birthday of pickleball’s birth! VICTORIA PICKLEBALL DAY II Time – Friday, August 26th… pickleball from 9am – noon, then we share potluck finger food and talk about our fave game for and hour or so. Place – … Continue reading

Beauties, Beasts, And The Canadian Nationals… cont’d

Last week in part one of this edition, we heard from some of the top Canuck players who competed at last month’s tournament in Kelowna. There are some good developments happening for individual players and for pb communities in our country and that was evident by the strong showing by some of our Canadian pickleheads. We also had an interview with Seattle player Chris Miller, who has been coming to the Canadian Nationals since the inaugural tournament at Abbotsford in … Continue reading

Beauties, Beasts, And The Canadian Nationals

Friday, July 8th was a ”first” for me. I had never been to a big pickleball event and that day was the start of Canada’s National pickleball tournament in Kelowna…It was a chance for me to talk with many of the YouTube players that I had corresponded with but never met in person. I was nervous to start with, but soon discovered that ”picklenuts” are ”picklenuts” whether we are ranked 3.0’s or 5.0’s…The top players are happy to meet their … Continue reading