TOC Wrapping – Part One

I think you will enjoy hearing from 4 of the charismatic and talented women who won a big share of the medals at Brigham City. The Tournament of Champions is an important event for the pro players and is a good preview of the competition level they can expect at the US Nationals in November. *First off we hear from one of best singles pb players in the world. Although new to pickleball, she is figuring out how to win … Continue reading

An Insider’s Look At Victoria Pickleball

Yeah, yeah, I know….there are some stalwart players that brave the elements year round to play on the outdoor courts. But for most of us, we start to look at what is available at the indoor courts at our local rec centres. In this edition I thought I would look at some of the best offerings that are available for us weather sensitive pb insiders this Indian Summer, Fall and Winter. If I missed your fave place to play, please … Continue reading

Fun Girls Finish First

What will pickleball spectators see at this week’s Tournament of Champions that they don’t normally see at their home courts?….Well, it’s a different world at a major pb tournament, and it’s inhabitants are beings that put on a great show. Seeing the pros in person is a memorable experience, and watching the action is a lot cheaper than going to see the tennis event at Wimbledon or paying $100 for a nosebleed seat at a Canucks game. It’s probably the … Continue reading