TOC Wrapping – Part Two

In the September 16th CC I talked with 4 incredibly pickleish ladies who excelled in their matches at this year’s Tournament of Champions…Now let’s here from the other side. Let’s drill down and hear what the some of the guys have to say about pickleball, the TOC and getting ready to do their best at major tourneys. First off we get the inside look at TOC pickleball from an insider….He is a resident of Brigham City so he knows the … Continue reading

Special Announcement About Oak Bay Pickleball

I thought I would share an email I received from Amanda Morency, the Community Recreation Programmer for Recreation Oak Bay….As you may know, she has been doing a great job for pickleballers this Fall by giving us 5 days a week when we can play at Henderson Rec. This posting is about the other place to play in Oak Bay. Here is her note: Amanda Morency – Hello Doug….I haven’t talked to you in a while about pickleball at Recreation … Continue reading