McMinn Park Mix-Up

Oops….Thanks to the readers who pointed out that I had the wrong link to the site for McMinn Park improvements. Here is the correct link that was sent to me by Nancy Houle by way of Wendy Gibbs. I tried putting in another longer link, but it wouldn’t work in my word press program. If anyone has a problem, they can send me an email and I will forward them the other link.

McMinn Magic

Most Victorian pickle-heads have played at McMinn Park. If you haven’t been there, the parking for the multi use courts are off Maplegrove St. in Saanich. It’s a great place to play in the nice weather and the courts are well used…. Too well used. Occasionally there are tennis players who are using the 2 available spaces. We have a chance to change the situation…If you haven’t completed the user input form (the link below), please do so now. We … Continue reading