Scott Moore PB Training Sessions On Vancouver Island  June 30th – July 2nd

Here is the schedule and other information you need if you would like to attend one of Scott Moore’s Clinics.

2 hour Intermediate Clinics.          $65.00 (3.25 – 4.0 players) 

3.45 hour Advanced Mini-Camps. $115.00 (3.75 – 4.5 players)

*ESQUIMALT LACROSSE BOX – the courts are south of Esquimalt Rec Center at 527 Fraser St.   

 Friday, June 30th Mini-Camp   8:45am – 12:45pm

Friday, June 30th. Clinic.            1:30pm – 3:30pm

Saturday, July 1st Clinic             9:00am – 11:00am

*FULLER LAKE PARK, CHEMANIUS – the courts are at the end of Poplar Rd, off Fuller Lake Rd.   

Saturday, July 1st.    Clinic.         2:00pm – 4:00pm


*PARKSVILLE COMMUNITY PARK – the tennis/pb courts are by Corfield St N., off Hwy 19A   

Sunday, July 2nd.   Mini-Camp.  9:00am – 12:45pm.    

Sunday, July 2nd     Clinic.           1:45pm – 3:45pm    




*I will be doing a full profile edition about Scott in June. Here’s just a bit about him for now…Scott Moore is the best +50 male player in the world and in the top 12 in all age groups. He excels in singles and is in high demand as a doubles teammate. His playing partners can usually count on a medal when they are matched up with Scott Moore. When you have that kind of skill pickleballers want to know your secret sauce. Which is good…Scott likes to share that knowledge. His supportive nature and ability to inspire others makes Scott Moore a natural as a pickleball instructor. Make sure you read the comments on Scott’s website from the happy pbers who have attended one of his clinics, boot camps or travel/pickleball adventures.

Last year I heard from Cookie Drake that Scott Moore wanted to do some clinics on Vancouver Island before he went to the Canadian Nationals in Kelowna (which starts July 7th). I immediately volunteered to help Scott with organizing his Island trip. It took awhile for me to locate the right places, and the right people in charge of those places, but now the stage is set. The courts are reserved, Scott Moore updated his website and he and his wife Susan Moore are ready to hear from you…Ta-da!!…Let the registration begin.😊

* Cookie Drake is a top Canadian pickleball pro player and Scott Moore’s gold medal playing partner from the Grand Canyon State Games. I sent her a note to ask her what players can expect when they go to one of Scott’s clinics. Cookie was nice enough to write me with this amusing insight into her teammate Scott.

CD – Hi Doug, hope you are well…..Scott Moore is a very talented and knowledge player and instructor. He is serious but has a great sense of humour. He often makes us laugh – we love to tease him and affectionately call him ”The Beast”! He is a force to be reckoned with on the courts….

* Thanks Cookie…and congratulations on your success playing with “The Beast”.😊

* Here is a short pb channel interview with Cookie and Scott after their win at last year’s GCS Games. Drake & Moore won gold at the same event this year. You can see the link to the 2016 match and my interview with Cookie Drake in the May 25th archive edition on my website.
*So far I have just been emailing Scott Moore, but I feel like I’m getting to know him better all the time. I will be discussing some of his championship matches in a different edition. Here are some of his instructional ideas:

Scott’s Tips Videos
* One of things I will talk to Scott Moore about in his profile edition is the six gold medals he earned at the US Nationals last November. This picture is from that tournament.

* Here is my short Q & A with Scott Moore.

1. Scott, I’ve never been in your State. I’m wondering what your home community is like in Colorado?

SM – Our home community is the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, where we live in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, have 300 days of sunshine, and is an outdoor lover’s paradise. The city also just converted 5 tennis courts into 15 beautiful pickleball courts, and our Pike Peak Pickleball Club has over 600 members last time I heard.

2. I know you like to travel, so have you visited Vancouver Island before?

SM – I have been to Vancouver Island twice, the first time some 15 years ago where we toured Victoria and the beautiful Butchart Gardens. The 2nd time was 4 years ago when on an Alaskan Cruise and we spent an evening in Victoria.

3. Well we’re glad you’re coming back to Victoria to do some pickleball sessions. What kind of response have you been getting from players who have attended your previous clinics and camps?

SM – That one is hard to answer, but what we have learned is that people love to have us doing hand’s on teaching and instruction. When we started  doing clinics back in 2014, most of them were for 20-80 people and we did more of an exhibition style, of coaching and teaching strategy as we played. We only charged $10-$20 per person, and people found it quite entertaining, but wanted more hands on time out on the court. So last year we changed to a more intensive, smaller, semi-private approach, and most people seem to absolutely love it. Every mini-camp and boot camp that we offer has sold out over the past year and a half, and we don’t do much advertising. The other thing that lots of people say about our camps and clinics is that they feel they are a great value. There are other instructors that charge quite a bit more than we do out there, and giving great value is something we truly desire to do.

* I liked hearing a bit about your pb story Scott. I think it will be a memorable experience for all us on the Island that come out to one of your mini camps or clinics…Remember folks, each of these sessions are for a restricted number of players. Scott Moore gives individual attention to each player. I recommend you register soon for this opportunity. A Scott Moore clinic could be a game changer for you.😊

Till next time and net time,

Thanks for the game,

DJ Baker.


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