Getting A Piece Of The Island With Scott Moore

Rocky Mountain High….I recently called Scott Moore at his home in Colorado Springs. He had just returned from a trip to Naples, Florida. Scott enjoys travelling, especially when he gets to have fun with his pickleball friends. A lot of Scott Moore’s pals were congregating in the Sunshine State in late April for the Biggest Pickleball Show on Earth – The US Open. Some of the players were native Floridians, including the talented competitor and commentator Brian Staub. In one of his color broadcasts at the US Nationals VIII Brian voiced his opinion that Scott Moore was an “Island Unto Himself”. Brian wasn’t talking about Scott’s personality….he was talking about Scott’s uniqueness as a player. I talked a little about Scott Moore’s pb success in the last edition. Now I would like to discuss how a +50 player got to his position as one of the top pickleballers in the world. Scott may have found the fountain of youth somewhere in his travels. Case in point… Scott and his son Daniel Moore earned a bronze medal when they competed together at the US Open this year. Scott was hitting with his son in the 25+ bracket at Naples!

Scott Moore is the only senior player that has a chance to medal against the young bucks in open competition at a major tourney. As a member of the boomer generation that gives me hope….a older player can improve their game. All I have to do is figure out how Scott Moore became a success. All I have to do is understand a bit of his technique and get a little piece of the Island:-) That opportunity to learn from Scott is coming up this summer. I will get into that later but first I want to give you a brief look at the winding road of Scott’s travels in sports and life so far.

The one percent inspiration that started the journey for Scott was evident for him at a young age. He was naturally gifted and won the Fort Worth, Texas city championship in ping pong at 6 years of age. As he grew up he continued to excel at racquet sports. After graduating from high school Scott narrowly missed out on getting a tennis scholarship at U of T… Unperturbed by this setback, Scott Moore found an open door that led to a very different life for the young Texan. Scott accepted a economics scholarship for a University in Japan! Scott Moore did well there with his education and in one of Japan’s fave racquet sports… Badminton, which is very big in Asia. After Scott got his degreee and played competitive badminton for 10 years. Scott had also done well on another front. He married a lovely Texan lady and Scott and Susan lived and raised four bilingual kids in Japan. Scott also found good business opportunities in the Far East. The Moore’s opened a consulting firm and an import company. After working for many years in Japan they took the fruits of their success and decided to partake in a new adventure. They wanted to return to America and live in a setting where they could enjoy their love of nature and outdoor activities. They found an ideal environment about 70 miles south of Denver. The place the Moore’s chose had clean mountain air, hiking trails, red rock formations, pine trees and sparkling lakes. This Valhalla was called Colorado Springs. It is a beautiful area. As a bonus for Scott Moore, the city was also large enough to have racquet courts. That was where Scott started to play pickleball. About 5 years ago a former badminton player from Texas was enjoying his Saturday morning rec play on the pickleball courts at Colorado Springs, just rec play, nothing more, except for when a nudge occurred. That is when the ninety-nine percent of the story began…

There were some good players at Colorado Springs and Scott Moore was competitive by nature. If Scott was going to play he was going to want to keep up with the competition. If he was going to do that he would have to do his best. Scott started to train with his friend John Fauss and work on his fitness level. Scott used a wholistic approach of sleep, good diet, cardio exercises, stretching and weights to reach his goals. Eventually his work on his stamina and pb drills improved his game to where he made the decision to see where his new ability would take him. Scott Moore decided to ”go for it”…he had been a good tournament player in badminton, Scott wanted to see if he could win at competitive pickleball. In November 2013 Scott went to the US Nationals with another Colorado Springs friend, Ken Curry. The guys entered and won silver in 50+ men’s doubles. It was a promising start but a big change was to come for Scott and another member of the Moore family the next year. The celebration and fireworks were just getting started!

In 2014 Scott Moore had a lot to be thankful for. He was living the good life with his wife in their mountain home and Scott’s son Daniel was coming home to stay with his parents for a year. Daniel Moore was a talented athlete who had played tennis and racquet ball at Azusa Pacific University. Scott Moore had a topic that he wanted to broach with his son. The guys talked it over and Daniel listened to Scott’s idea. It was bold but simple plan. They would help each other. They would train together for 6 months. Scott wanted a chance to be the best in senior’s play. If they worked hard Scott Moore thought that Daniel would have a chance to be at the top of the pb jar with the young players in the open bracket. His son took to pickleball readily and after a 6 month training marathon the Moore’s were ready to show their stuff. At the 2014 US Nationals Scott won gold in Senior Open Singles and Daniel took gold in Open Men’s Singles. That was good but the Moore’s were just getting warmed up.

The 6 months of dinks, drop shot drills and skinny singles worked well for the guys in the following year. In 2015 Scott won multiple gold medals in the senior and open brackets in singles and doubles play. Although by this time Daniel Moore was living in Japan, he found time to come back to win multiple medals in top pb events. This included a prestigious gold medal in Open Men’s Doubles at US Nationals VII. The accomplishments of father and son were recognized when Scott and Daniel Moore were named joint Players Of The Year for 2015. There was great family joy and much ”Moore Excitement” to come:-)

At present Daniel Moore continues his work in Japan as a tour guide, travel agent and pickleball pioneer. Daniel is one of the most popular of the top players when he has time to come back to the US to play at the major pb events. In spite of not getting a lot of top level practice time anymore Daniel Moore won 4 medals at Nationals VIII and 3 medals at the 2017 US Open.

For Scott Moore, he is having a great time working with his wife and son on their pickleball adventure site, conducting pb clinics and boot camps, and winning medals at every tourney he enters. A highlight of his career occurred last fall. At the 2016 US Nationals VII Scott won gold medals in all 6 open senior men’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles events. This was an unprecedented feat that may not be matched again …unless of course…I wonder if Scott Moore will be up for another six pack next November?

To give you some insight to how Scott is able to do so well in competition I thought we should look at some of Scott Moore’s most memorable matches. We could call this section:

Great Scott Moments

From the 2015 TOC, Scott Moore in a singles game against his friend and rival, Glen Peterson…Scott and Glen have been in singles finals matches many times. They also partnered together at the Nationals VIII for a gold medal in OSMD. Scott Moore is wearing a white tee and Glen a blue tee.

From the 2016 GCS Games. Scott is teamed up with Wes Gabrielsen and competing from the losers bracket. They have to win two 11 point games and a 15 point tie-breaker if they want a gold medal. Their opponents were Kyle Yates and the ”Beard”…Brian Ashworth.

Here is a great contest where Scott Moore is partnering with Brian Ashworth in a monster match vs Marcin Rozpedski and Morgan Evans at the 2016 US Open. After being down late in the match, Scott and Brian found another gear that helped them to rally for a victory.

During the timeout at the above match, Scott and Susan Moore got in a few dance moves. Here’s some winning tips for staying loose in a pressure filled match.

Here is one of the hardest earned gold medals that Scott won at Nationals VIII. His partner is Scott Clayson. Steve Dawson is wearing a blue tee and Scott Burr a white tee….This was another come from behind win for Scott Moore and his partner. Scott has the ability to shift to take his game to higher level when the odds are against him in a match.

Here is a mixed doubles game from the 2017 US Open. Scott is teamed up with Alex Hamner vs Chris Miller and Irina Tereshenko. Many of the top players have a good paddle strokes. In this match you see clearly the Scott Moore advantage…his positioning. It’s obvious in all of his games that Scott is a good ball striker, he is also great at defence. It’s very difficult for his opponents to get a ball past him.

There are two more of Scott Moore’s videos from Nationals VIII available to view, but you have to become a member at the Enet Live TV site. It’s free to join and the video quality and guest commentating is excellent. Googled it up to see some great pb entertainment.


Scott Moore’s Training Sessions On Vancouver Island

You should sign up for one of  the following Scott Moore clinics and camps that will take place on Vancouver Island this summer. The buzz is building for Scott’s visit to the Rock. You do not want to miss this opportunity for some semi-private training with Scott Moore. This will be a fun way to learn to play from the best boomer in the world. Here is the schedule info for when he will be near you:

Victoria at the Esquimalt Lacrosse Box, 527 Fraser St.

*Friday, June 30th  Mini-Camp   8:45am – 12:45pm

*Friday, June 30th  Clinic              1:30pm – 3:30pm

*Saturday, July 1st  Clinic               9:00am – 11:00am

Fuller Lake Park, Chemanius

*Saturday, July 1st    Clinic             2:00pm – 4:00pm

Parksville Community Park 

*Sunday, July 2nd     Mini-Camp  9:00am – 12:45pm

*Sunday, July 2nd      Clinic            1:45pm – 3:45pm

Mini-Camps  $115.oo (3.75 – 4.5 players)   Clinics $65.00 (3.25 – 4.0players) 

Together with a small group of players you will improve your mental game, shot making, shot selection, learn new strategies and drills and 10 principles to take home with you in order to become a better pickleball player!

Info:   719-331-9086


I think Scott’s visit to the Island with be one of the best events of the summer for pb keeners. We don’t usually get top players visiting our courts. I’ll be doing an edition in June about Scott Moore and his Canadian teammate, Cookie Drake…Cookie will be his mixed doubles partner at this years Canadian Nationals. She is fun, friendly and an awesome player. Make sure you catch Scott and Cookie in action if you are at Kelowna this summer.

The Island is becoming quite a hotbed for the ”little game that could”. The number of players is growing and we are getting more times and places to play for we passionate pickleers. I’ll be having more issues coming up shortly about the players, like Scott Moore, that are doing great things for pickleball. Until next time…

Thanks for the game,

DJ Baker.











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