Scott Moore At Victoria This Week

Here is the info for any player that would like to meet Scott and Susan Moore and watch Scott play a demonstration game with some of the top Victoria players. Time: Thursday, June 29th  6:30 – 7:30pm or so Place: 4 designated pb courts at Carnarvon Park, 2801 Henderson Rd., Victoria. Bring: finger food, camp chair, drinks. For new subscribers who are not familiar with national champion and IPTPA instructor Scott Moore, here is a link to one of Scott’s … Continue reading

The Deceptive Softness Of Joy

The Yin, the yang…balance and harmony…a medal for happiness. Perhaps that is the goal we should be striving for…. in life as well as in the game of pickleball. For me, I approached my guest’s story as looking at the strong ‘n gentle way this lady moves on and off the court. She’s a top ten competitor who keeps things in perspective. She’s properly serious…about having fun. This lady keeps her feet on the ground, even if she falls. This … Continue reading

Miscellaneous Picklellaneous Inc.

This edition is an odd assortment of snips, snails and pickleball tales. First up, I have some tournament videos for you to look at. I thought it would be interesting to see what it takes to win in each skill level. These matches are finals, so the players are at the top of their ranking bracket. I call this section: Desperately Seeking A Dink Festival 3.0 MX Palm Desert – At this level the rallies are short. Most points are … Continue reading