Pickleball Fantasy vs Pickleball Reality

In the August 16th edition of CC, I had an article about pickleball paddles called ‘Spanking the Competition’. One of the PB paddles I described was the ‘Mini’, which was supposed to be one-twenty fourth the size of a regular paddle. The whole section was my somewhat lame attempt at writing a humour article. The Mini, and all the other paddles I discussed only existed in my imagination, well…at least that’s what I thought… For a bizarre case of fiction … Continue reading

Spanking the Competition

THE END OF ELVIS? The party was rocking…Elvis was singing his hits, and people were dancing and singing along, but when the sun started to head down the King held up his hand to quiet the crowd and spoke to us. “I want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome here on Earth. On the planet Zweegh I used to watch other entertainers other than my namesake. For my last song of the evening I would like … Continue reading


SOFT BALLS, AND THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE I participated, with other players, in a pickleball demonstration at the ‘OAK BAY TENNIS CLUB’ on Saturday. We used a new type of ball. I’m not sure how many of you have tried the ‘keep the neighbors happy’ pickleball. It’s foam on the inside, and some sort of rubber material on the outside. It has no holes, and is slightly smaller than an outdoor pickleball. In play it’s very quiet. Which is kind … Continue reading