VIP Cubed

He’s a Vancouver Island Pickleballer…He’s a Vitally Important Picklehead because of his vipa  website and his work as host of the Island Championships…He’s also a good player and a Very Interesting Person…let’s hear his story: KEN HOLMAN        IN HIS OWN WORDS 1. How old are you Ken? Well, I’m certainly ‘over the hill’, which means I should be starting to pick up speed. 2. Where did you grow up? Post war London, England until my late teens … Continue reading

Here I Go Again

ELVII After lunch the next day, Elvis and I went for a walk on the grounds of Yujoil’s country estate. I asked him how he liked the idea of being a clone. He shrugged and sang, ”That’s All Right now DJ, anything you do…” We walked along and worked out some details about how he was raised by Zweeghians. Since the planet was many light years away, he was receiving TV shows, and radio broadcasts, from the 1950’s and 1960’s. … Continue reading

The Puckering Pickler

ESCAPISM I have just as much desire, as the average person, to want my summer entertainment to be on the ‘light’ side. When the weather is warm I would rather read a ‘People’ magazine than Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’. This time of year is conducive to watching a summer movie with a facile plot, special effects, and a happy ending. Is anyone up for ‘The Avengers’ or ‘Mission Impossible’ sequels? Then there is easy listening music that sounds just right … Continue reading

Opening Serve

OPENING SERVE Writing a weekly blog, newsletter imposes discipline on the creative side of my personality. It is also exercise. Best of all, it is an opportunity to interact, and get feedback from the active, vibrant, and often quirky characters that hang out at the PB courts, and, the ones who live in a ‘different’ location. ……Yujoil Kowq, who is from the planet Zweegh . was introduced in the May 3rd installment of the ‘Court’. A BUMPER CROP The bumper … Continue reading

Introducing DEEP DINKER

You may have noticed DD’s rather serious countenance. He has a good philosophy of life that follows through to his pickle ball game. His motto is: “If you want to be ‘cool’, first you have to be ‘hot’ (work hard). He comes out with stuff like that all the time! He’s quite a profound guy really! There’s only one problem with hanging out with him. Ole’ stone face is stubborn. “Hey man,” I tell him. “Get in the other room, I’ve got company coming over.” The … Continue reading