Learning By Living – Part Two

I think that why we do things–motivation, needs, wants, and inspiration–are interesting topics. In the last edition of Challenge Court, I learned that Matthew Blom’s life had been changed by people he met along his way. He used his training to become adept at racquet sports. That was part of his story. He was winning medals in major tournaments, but, as we will learn, pickleball was not the only important thing to him. Let’s find out what Matthew has learned … Continue reading

Learning By Living – Part One

Happy, happy, happy,….well, if one never figures out the deeper meaning of life, a good game of ”I can” usually goes well with the pb frame of mind. Pickleball is an activity that, at its’ best, does not take itself seriously. ”I can do this”, because ”I can” has a lot of ways to play….It is great fun to see a different, and broader, definition of what it means to learn to play a game. Introducing our teacher, student, and … Continue reading

Pumped To Play – Part One

Don’t you just love it,….you enter a PB tournament at your local rec centre. The day of the event your game is working and you win your match!….Exciting stuff!…Bragging rights and ‘congrats’ from your pals…. When the next tourney comes along you do extra work to get ready….You’ve had a taste of winning. You’ve caught the bug! You want more!! Now,…. can you imagine what it is like for the top players? That is the premise of this weeks’ feature article. … Continue reading

Mastering Life’s Games

Last week I said I was featuring a ‘much loved’ pickleballer in this weeks player profile. Many of my readers guessed whom I was talking about…..That’s because this lady is a ‘people person’ who makes friends wherever she goes….Including last year when she was playing in Kelowna, B.C….Friendly and outgoing, my interviewee is also a ‘top’ player with medals in many high level events. So, to get in the right mood, grab yourself a good cup of coffee and some … Continue reading

Canadian Content

There is a funny video that has been going around on Facebook from our Ontario pickle pal Mark Renneson. Mark was interviewed in the January 11th, 2016 edition of CC. You see all his videos by going to: www.thirdshotsports.com … He has been getting creative  in his instructional videos, especially the one below featuring some crazy Canucks and baby Cecily,….Pickleball on Ice: I wonder what would be a good name for this new sport?… Hockey + Pickleball = Hickeyball? ———— … Continue reading