Less Pickle at Pearkes

Listed below are all the cancelled dates for Pickleball Jan – June 2016 at Pearkes Rec. TUESDAYS – Canceled Mar 22 and June 21, 2016 WEDNESDAYS – Canceled Feb 17,24 and Mar 23, 2016 THURSDAYS – Canceled Jan 21, and Feb 18,25 and Mar 24, 31, and Apr 7 and May 5, 2016. January 21, Febuary 17, 18, 24, 25, March 23, 24, 31, April 7, May 5, June 21. ——— Reaching Out To Miss Tolmie’s Neighbourhood I learned something … Continue reading

Will Success Spoil Victoria Pickle?

It’s an old familiar story, but,….somehow still compelling – A young unknown starlet, through hard work and talent, goes from obscurity to become a famous stage performer! The buzz around town goes from, ”Who’s Victoria Pickle?”… To, ”Get me Victoria Pickle!” Everywhere she goes, Ms. Pickle is admired and adored by her fans. Her future seems bright….nothing can stop her rise to fame…until…well…something causes her career to go sour! People speculate…”Was it booze or drugs that did her in?”…No, not … Continue reading

Back in The Pearkes High Life Again

Wow, my ‘hood’ has only been closed since Dec. 24th, but it seems like longer! It’ll be great to get back to the same old place we laughed about. See you at the hanger on Tuesday at 1pm. ——– 2016 Vows and Views I thought I would start the ball popping this year with some resolution inputs from some reader pals: Susan Guest- My pickleball resolutions are the same as always: remain injury free, continue to have fun and socialize … Continue reading

Part Three Of The Christmas Special Edition

Chapter Five – The Game ”Clear a path,” T’ron said, and she walked to the top of the ramp and then turned to face us. ”Everyone stay here,” she ordered, ”until I signal all clear.” She turned to go and Rob spoke, ”Hold it,” he said to her. T’ron stopped and Robin spoke again. ”You should let one of us go first Commander. In case of danger your the only one who nows how to raise the ramp back up…I’ll … Continue reading

Part Two of a Christmas Special Edition

PB Christmas Story Chapter Three – A Whole New World Our group of pickleballers, along with Yuj and Santa, left the insterstell station and walked down a street of the alien town we had arrive at. It was not at all what I had expected!….I thought it would be very ultra modern, with flying cars and soaring skyscrapers. Instead,… it was delightfully old fashioned. I asked Yuj if all the cities on Zweegh were like the quaint town of Alaifrume that … Continue reading