Introducing DEEP DINKER

You may have noticed DD’s rather serious countenance. He has a good philosophy of life that follows through to his pickle ball game. His motto is: “If you want to be ‘cool’, first you have to be ‘hot’ (work hard). He comes out with stuff like that all the time! He’s quite a profound guy really! There’s only one problem with hanging out with him. Ole’ stone face is stubborn. “Hey man,” I tell him. “Get in the other room, I’ve got company coming over.” The … Continue reading

Exponential Growth

I apologize, in advance, for the dry academic nature of the next essay. However, I believe the subject is worth pursuing, and I am confident that my readers will cope with the mathematical reasoning and analysis involved in the following treatise. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH AND THE FUTURE OF PICKLEBALL Anyone who has played our sport for awhile is sure to have noticed something – pickleball is growing in popularity at a huge rate. As a matter of fact, I have calculated … Continue reading