Keeping It Real With Hilary

The player who I have profiled in this edition of the Court is someone who I met at the Canadian Nationals last summer. She and I have something in common! No,…not athletic ability….she and I are the same age:-)….We chatted for awhile and she agreed to be interviewed in my blog. I think my readers have enjoyed reading about the young stars that I have featured in previous posts, but, if you are like me, you will take a special … Continue reading

TOC Wrapping – Part Two

In the September 16th CC I talked with 4 incredibly pickleish ladies who excelled in their matches at this year’s Tournament of Champions…Now let’s here from the other side. Let’s drill down and hear what the some of the guys have to say about pickleball, the TOC and getting ready to do their best at major tourneys. First off we get the inside look at TOC pickleball from an insider….He is a resident of Brigham City so he knows the … Continue reading

TOC Wrapping – Part One

I think you will enjoy hearing from 4 of the charismatic and talented women who won a big share of the medals at Brigham City. The Tournament of Champions is an important event for the pro players and is a good preview of the competition level they can expect at the US Nationals in November. *First off we hear from one of best singles pb players in the world. Although new to pickleball, she is figuring out how to win … Continue reading

Fun Girls Finish First

What will pickleball spectators see at this week’s Tournament of Champions that they don’t normally see at their home courts?….Well, it’s a different world at a major pb tournament, and it’s inhabitants are beings that put on a great show. Seeing the pros in person is a memorable experience, and watching the action is a lot cheaper than going to see the tennis event at Wimbledon or paying $100 for a nosebleed seat at a Canucks game. It’s probably the … Continue reading

Beauties, Beasts, And The Canadian Nationals… cont’d

Last week in part one of this edition, we heard from some of the top Canuck players who competed at last month’s tournament in Kelowna. There are some good developments happening for individual players and for pb communities in our country and that was evident by the strong showing by some of our Canadian pickleheads. We also had an interview with Seattle player Chris Miller, who has been coming to the Canadian Nationals since the inaugural tournament at Abbotsford in … Continue reading