Scott Moore PB Training Sessions On Vancouver Island  June 30th – July 2nd

Here is the schedule and other information you need if you would like to attend one of Scott Moore’s Clinics. 2 hour Intermediate Clinics.          $65.00 (3.25 – 4.0 players)  3.45 hour Advanced Mini-Camps. $115.00 (3.75 – 4.5 players) *ESQUIMALT LACROSSE BOX – the courts are south of Esquimalt Rec Center at 527 Fraser St.     Friday, June 30th Mini-Camp   8:45am – 12:45pm Friday, June 30th. Clinic.            1:30pm – 3:30pm Saturday, … Continue reading

Badger Tales – Part One

American badgers are starting to become active now that the weather is warming up. They don’t hibernate, they just sleep more than usual when it’s cold in their burrows. When the temperature rises, the feisty critters live interesting lives in mid western states like Wisconsin. I would enjoy writing a story about the underground adventures of one of the furry fellows, but this time I will focus on a clean shaven variety of the species…The following article is a result … Continue reading

McMinn Park Mix-Up

Oops….Thanks to the readers who pointed out that I had the wrong link to the site for McMinn Park improvements. Here is the correct link that was sent to me by Nancy Houle by way of Wendy Gibbs. I tried putting in another longer link, but it wouldn’t work in my word press program. If anyone has a problem, they can send me an email and I will forward them the other link.

McMinn Magic

Most Victorian pickle-heads have played at McMinn Park. If you haven’t been there, the parking for the multi use courts are off Maplegrove St. in Saanich. It’s a great place to play in the nice weather and the courts are well used…. Too well used. Occasionally there are tennis players who are using the 2 available spaces. We have a chance to change the situation…If you haven’t completed the user input form (the link below), please do so now. We … Continue reading

Pickleball Party

Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of pickleball by gathering at McMinn Park for a Picklernic  (pickleball + picnic)…I suggest we make this an annual event…With that in mind please come, one and all, to the celebrate the 51st birthday of pickleball’s birth! VICTORIA PICKLEBALL DAY II Time – Friday, August 26th… pickleball from 9am – noon, then we share potluck finger food and talk about our fave game for and hour or so. Place – … Continue reading