The Three Bees

I am at a deluxe pickleball clinic and life is beautiful…Six of us are sharing a three bedroom resort suite that has a view of Lake Okanagan. The grounds are extensive with hiking paths and old  Ponderosa pine trees. The company is compatible, and as a bonus, we are learning things about pickleball. For me, that is the best part of all…I have hundreds of questions for two of my roommates. They are the reigning women’s doubles champions from last … Continue reading

Canadian PBers Open Up About Playing In Florida

History in the making–that’s what I think of when I recall the inaugural play of the US Open earlier this year (Apr 26th-May 1st). It was a big investment for the community of Naples to build the courts and facilities to cope with over 800 players. The Florida town believed enough in the future of pickleball to do what was necessary to make the tournament a world class event…With CBS sports on hand to record the finals, it is clear–the … Continue reading

Inspiration, Perspiration, And Pickleball Parties

PB tournaments are unique in the sports world for being as much about social interactions with friends as they are about winning games. The following interviews and videos capture the atmosphere of fun and spirited competition from last weekend’s LeMaster-Davison Classic….A big tap of the paddle to Rich Geenen for producing all but one of the videos featured in this edition. This first video is from the Open Mens Doubles category. Dan Geenen is the player in the red t-shirt. … Continue reading