An Insider’s Look At Victoria Pickleball

Yeah, yeah, I know….there are some stalwart players that brave the elements year round to play on the outdoor courts. But for most of us, we start to look at what is available at the indoor courts at our local rec centres. In this edition I thought I would look at some of the best offerings that are available for us weather sensitive pb insiders this Indian Summer, Fall and Winter. If I missed your fave place to play, please … Continue reading

The Pleasure Button and Tolmie Park Improvements

I never visualized that it would happen. I thought when I started doing this newsletter that my focus would be on entertaining and amusing my pickle pals. Because I’m not a pro player, like other pickle writers Jennifer Lucore or Prem Carnot, I realized that my blog should focus on the lighter side of the game. However, somewhere on my writing road I realized that I had to comment when something comes up that is important to the future of … Continue reading

I Don’t Like Mondays

I DON’T LIKE MONDAYS I am still on a break from doing the CHALLENGE COURT, however I thought I would make a small complaint about Victoria’s rec centers pickleball schedules. They seem to all be mid week centric! Pearkes has a fantastic schedule, hmm…. Tues-Thurs. Henderson rec has PB, hmm….. Tues-Thurs. Mary Winspear in Sidney has play until Dec 16th, uh…Tues and Wed. Seapac in Sooke, hmm… nice try, but Tues and Thurs only. So,… that leaves us with the old reliables: … Continue reading

Outdoor Play at McMinn Park

Pearkes is closed this week, so there should be lots of picklers doing their thing at McMinn Park. For anyone who hasn’t already done so, please take a look at this site: They talk in there about pickleball. One of their complaints was about PB playing for hours at a time when there are tennis players waiting for court time. Let’s all remember our etiquette when we are at McMinn. CHALLENGE COURT is on hiatus for a little while, … Continue reading

Here I Go Again

ELVII After lunch the next day, Elvis and I went for a walk on the grounds of Yujoil’s country estate. I asked him how he liked the idea of being a clone. He shrugged and sang, ”That’s All Right now DJ, anything you do…” We walked along and worked out some details about how he was raised by Zweeghians. Since the planet was many light years away, he was receiving TV shows, and radio broadcasts, from the 1950’s and 1960’s. … Continue reading