Dreams are Like Wishes

PREFACE I tried to explain to a friend, how for me, there is a risk in writing fiction. It’s not the dangers that I have in my ‘day job’. There are no chain saws or falling branches. The problem for me, with visualizing characters, is that they become too real. ‘Too real’, that’s an odd phrase…..something is real or it’s not. There is no more, or less, to it. Anyway, if you want to have a bit of fun, write … Continue reading

Riding in the Pickle Boat

RIDING IN THE PICKLE BOAT What makes our sport great is all the interesting people you meet. I love spending time, on and off the court, with ‘pickle pals’. It is a stimulating experience to play our game and make new friends. For me personally, I find it also stirs something in the literary realm of my mind, that causes me to make other attachments. To rephrase…it gives me the incentive to make some ‘imaginary’ friendships. For new readers, I … Continue reading

Great Netspectations

COMING CLEAN When I get to talking to people about the blog, some of them ask me about my motivation. ”Why”, they say, ‘do you go to the trouble in putting out the CHALLENGE COURT”? They seem suspicious. I had a difficult time explaining my reasons. I wasn’t sure what to say. I decided to get some advice, so I called my friend Kevin (a former Saturday Night Live alumni) to get his advice. He stated emphatically, ‘With all the … Continue reading