Spanking the Competition

THE END OF ELVIS? The party was rocking…Elvis was singing his hits, and people were dancing and singing along, but when the sun started to head down the King held up his hand to quiet the crowd and spoke to us. “I want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome here on Earth. On the planet Zweegh I used to watch other entertainers other than my namesake. For my last song of the evening I would like … Continue reading

Pickleball, Poetry and Player Profiles

POINTLESS PICKLEBALL POEM     by Pam & Doug He stood on the court, A proud and cheerful man. This was his favourite time of day, He had a paddle in his hand. His wife was with him too. Her volley shot, her claim to fame. They faced two foes across the net, to play a challenging game. They used their skill and tried their best. When all was said and done, the foes they faced with confidence, had scored … Continue reading