Spanking the Competition

THE END OF ELVIS? The party was rocking…Elvis was singing his hits, and people were dancing and singing along, but when the sun started to head down the King held up his hand to quiet the crowd and spoke to us. “I want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome here on Earth. On the planet Zweegh I used to watch other entertainers other than my namesake. For my last song of the evening I would like … Continue reading

The Puckering Pickler

ESCAPISM I have just as much desire, as the average person, to want my summer entertainment to be on the ‘light’ side. When the weather is warm I would rather read a ‘People’ magazine than Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’. This time of year is conducive to watching a summer movie with a facile plot, special effects, and a happy ending. Is anyone up for ‘The Avengers’ or ‘Mission Impossible’ sequels? Then there is easy listening music that sounds just right … Continue reading

Opening Serve

OPENING SERVE Writing a weekly blog, newsletter imposes discipline on the creative side of my personality. It is also exercise. Best of all, it is an opportunity to interact, and get feedback from the active, vibrant, and often quirky characters that hang out at the PB courts, and, the ones who live in a ‘different’ location. ……Yujoil Kowq, who is from the planet Zweegh . was introduced in the May 3rd installment of the ‘Court’. A BUMPER CROP The bumper … Continue reading

Dreams are Like Wishes

PREFACE I tried to explain to a friend, how for me, there is a risk in writing fiction. It’s not the dangers that I have in my ‘day job’. There are no chain saws or falling branches. The problem for me, with visualizing characters, is that they become too real. ‘Too real’, that’s an odd phrase…..something is real or it’s not. There is no more, or less, to it. Anyway, if you want to have a bit of fun, write … Continue reading